How to make online learning more effective

How to make online learning more effective


The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the online learning experience for Learners as well as Educators. Virtual Classroom has replaced those normal school classroom sessions. This new modernization in the education sector has made Universities, Colleges, and Schools guarantee a productive and satisfying learning climate. Even Corporate Training in various Organizations has been difficult to manage in this pandemic time.

Here are few tips to make Online Learning more effective

1.Learn your Online Platform

To make online learning more effective, the entire teaching staff must know the features of Virtual Classroom, so that they can develop the most effective way of learning. Most Universities either offer such an online learning platform or are looking for one. These Online Learning Platforms are specially built to help educators to manage daily classes, student engagement, online tests, results, and analytics. Students should also be made familiar with features they will be using during live classes and lectures

2.Provide different Learning options:

Getting all the students to Virtual Classroom for discussion and Live Lectures is a good practice but not every student has the same ability of learning. Some students love reading pdf, while some require explanation on a whiteboard, some prefer youtube videos and some may need to go through the recorded video or audio session again and again to clear the concepts. Therefore the educator should keep in mind that they use all the features that will help learners to understand the concepts easily.

3.Create Shorter Content:

Learning at home is safe and fun but it might not be easy for every student, especially with siblings and other family members at home. Divide your lectures into small parts and ask a few easy questions using features like Polls, so that they can engage and feel more comfortable and build confidence in this new mode of online learning.

4.Innovative Homework:

Homework or assignment can be a task when it comes to Online Virtual Classrooms. The homework or assignment should be given flexibly so that they can use youtube videos, blogs, presentations, pdf or ebooks to create the assignment. This will not bound them to only one specific format and will let them explore a wide range of resources.

5.Role of Parents:

Combined sessions with students along with parents are also necessary when it comes to educating very young children. Parents can help their young kids in learning online. Playing with brainstorming toys, puzzles, chess and other artistic tasks like dancing, singing, painting, and drawing can be something your child may find interest in. Also, teachers can think of ways parents can assist their children in studying. Parents are also responsible for providing a place with peace while studying online.

6.Get Feedbacks with polls and surveys

Teachers can engage with the students using a chatbox, mic, and camera. Teachers hold access to the use of a mic and camera and can be given to students in case it is required. Quick MCQ questions can be asked during the session to have feedback from the students and also make engagements. At the end of the session, students should be given time to raise their queries and also give feedback about the session.

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