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How to Study Your Own Teaching – A Free Webinar on Reflective Teaching

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Teaching is a highly complex profession.

Other than planning lectures and managing an overwhelming number of students in the classroom, a teacher must also spend almost every second of their working day thinking about their teaching practices and the choices they make to improve students’ learning.

This becomes even more difficult for example, when a teacher is teaching a mathematics class and wants students to focus more on the mathematical concepts being discussed as opposed to teaching structures. So how can teachers support their students better and manage all the various complexities of teaching?

To solve this problem, WizIQ is presenting a free webinar ‘How To Study Your Own Teaching’ in collaboration with David Wees. A renowned and experienced mathematics and science teacher also known as The Reflective Teacher, David is currently serving as a Formative Assessment and Instructional Specialist for New Visions for Public Schools in NYC. A popular edu-blogger and speaker, David’s insights on education have decorated the Bangkok Post, Dialogue Online, Educational Technology Solutions, Leading and Learning, Software Developer’s Journal, and Edutopia.

In his upcoming webinar, he’ll be sharing the effective instructional practices devised by experienced teachers at the Teacher Education By Design Project. These strategies help educators think creatively to provide quality instruction and simultaneously amplify students’ learning outcomes.

In this webinar, teachers can look forward to:

  • Exploring instructional strategies for reflective teaching
  • Understanding the complex decisions in teaching and how to simplify them
  • Learning about the use of instructional activities as containers to study teaching
  • Developing language to talk clearly about teaching with your colleagues

So hurry up and save your spot!

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Note: If you feel you won’t be able to attend the LIVE session, register anyway. We’ll be recording the webinar and give you free access.

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