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How to Teach Essay Writing: 10 Tools for Educators

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In its beginnings, the prospects of educational technology were associated to the goal of making math easier. If you thought it would be impossible to improve a student’s literacy and writing skills with the help of an app, you’re in for a surprise. Essay writing is a huge trend in the world of educational technology.

As it turns out, it takes some skills and practice to implement the proper apps, tools, and websites in the right situation. Wait; there is no need to spend a week experimenting with different options. The following list provides you with solutions you can immediately rely on!

Writing Roadmap

This online writing tool provides great guidance for students in Grades 3-12. In addition, teachers can track the progress of their students’ skills and measure their proficiency through a convenient system. You can even use this tool to assign more essays to your students without making them feel pressured.

Ninja Essays

The blog section of NinjaEssays is a great source of information for educators teaching essay writing. In addition, you can hire professional writers to help you complete guides and textbooks for your students.

Criterion Online Writing Evaluation Service

This online instructional tool supports students with guidance during the planning, writing, and editing stages. The instant feedback will help them correct errors before submitting the content. As you guide your students towards the higher levels of essay writing, you will appreciate Criterion as a comprehensive support tool.


If you are looking for an edtech tool that will make the writing practice enjoyable for your students, this is the one. The users’ work is instantly assessed. The focus is not just on spelling and grammar, but on the meaning of the text as a whole. Not many automated tools have that advantage. Each student gets personalized feedback and tips for improvement.


When your students associate the assignment to images, they will immediately get inspired to write! Storybird features amazing art that enables your students to write stories and books.

Odyssey Writer

This customizable writing program is adequate for students in elementary and middle school. The carefully constructed assignments will motivate your students to focus on the writing process. As a teacher, you will be provided with simple grading guides and answer keys.

Dragon Dictation

If some of your students have difficulties to adapt to the essay writing process, you can motivate them with Dragon Dictation – an app that turns the dictated thoughts into text.


When your students conduct an online research, they need to store the gathered information in one place. Among all features of Evernote, note-taking is the most useful one. The data will be synced across devices, so the users can easily access it from anywhere. In addition, they can use the app to capture photos and audio materials associated to the projects you assign.


This is a distraction-free alternative for MS Word. Students in middle school can easily get used to the simple features. The full-screen writing environment might be intimidating, but it will inspire the users to fill it in with their thoughts.


This app is labeled as the ultimate reading and writing solution. The Digital Library section provides online Common Core resources, classic & modern texts, fiction & nonfiction reading materials. In addition, StudySync will guide your students through the writing process and help them gain confidence to express their ideas.

Essay writing is challenging for every student. Thus, it is even more challenging for an educator to ignite critical and creative thinking. That doesn’t mean you can give up and expect your students to develop writing skills on their own. You have a responsibility to make the process easier for them, and the above-listed tools are a great place to start!

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