How to Win An Academy Award By Listening To Your Customers

How to Win An Academy Award By Listening To Your Customers


It has taken a fortnight for the euphoria to settle. And now that the flurry of congratulatory messages have turned into a trickle, it is time for some reflection. What did we really do to deserve a Brandon Hall Award?

A Brandon Hall Bronze for the Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology is no mean achievement! After all, these awards are considered to be the Oscars of the global Learning & Talent Management community across the world!  The winners have to be nothing short of world class. They are judged by an international panel of independent industry experts – Brandon Hall Group senior analysts, and their executive leadership team. Every solution is evaluated on a wide range of criteria – design, functionality, usability, innovation and overall measureable benefits.

So why did we win?  

For sure, WizIQ is an excellent solution, super rich in features. It works very well for thousands of our customers across the world. But how did we arrive at this great product?

We believe that the Brandon Hall award is just another milestone (a very significant one though) in WizIQ’s amazing journey that started more than eight years ago. Of course, as an education technology company, we always remain at the cutting edge of technology. But what we do differently is – keeping education and educators at the center of our design philosophy.

Every company likes to believe it is “customer-centric”. But at WizIQ, our entire platform has been built based on the voice of our customers. Every feature that is part of the current product build has originated from customer inputs and continues to evolve based on their feedback – whether it is the Virtual Classroom, Course Authoring & Management, Learner Insights or our Mobile Learning App.

And that is what we believe wins us the awards – simply listening to our real users and putting it to action in everything we do.

This incredible recognition and numerous others that we have won, truly belong to the 400000 or more online educators and instructors across the world who have used our platform and helped us make it better each passing day!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is an epic in shorts! This video byte from Dr. Nellie Deutsch, renowned Education Technology consultant, offers an insightful glimpse into how listening to our users, helped us create a world class product!  

This core philosophy is also echoed strongly in Harman Singh’s (WizIQ founder) comment in a keynote at the WizIQ  EdTech.Now Conclave earlier this year – “We believe that technology alone cannot do the job. If there’s no instructor involvement in learning, it’s not going to work”.

So, here we are! Brandon Hall Award – Done.

But our task ahead is clearly cut out – to continue on our journey of growth powered by educator centric innovation!

And of course, we are going for gold in 2016!  


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