How Virtual Collaboration Can Help and Boost Creativity

How Virtual Collaboration Can Help and Boost Creativity

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The team collaboration carried out correctly is a strong power to harmonise a group of individuals to achieve shared goals in the most effective way. Think about the direct collaboration aspects that you want to make back in the virtual environment.

Utilising the WizIQ chat feature in a virtual meeting tool is another useful strategy to make all members of your team involved. Imagine the energy in the conference room where a group of people was in a fast brainstorming session and post-it notes were written with thoughts, one idea that led to another.

Wondering how?

Research shows that 80% of remote workers say that their productivity has increased with real-time collaborative solutions. Virtual brainstorming tools can help you grow your ideas, rethink your marketing strategy, and collaborate themes for successful results.

Start With An Ice Breaker

Want to host a virtual brainstorm session that will bring up the vision of your teammates? Start by breaking ice to encourage people to often express their ideas.

The key to increasing participation and energy is to arrange brainstorming sessions that will not withstand spontaneity. So, start with motivating words and get your teammates from scratch.

Virtual Collaboration

When we consider the natural cycle of teamwork- forming team norms, grappling through roles and responsibilities, and creating small or large scale innovations- it is clear that we need technological solutions to help us collaborate in a virtual environment.

Make A Team Agreement

Virtual collaboration will take place most efficiently when everyone in your team is in harmony with what channels are used for certain projects or tasks.

You will not know what was successful until you try it, so test, get feedback from your team, formalise your collaboration process, and approve the team’s norms so that everyone is on the same page.

Let Everyone Speak

If only a few people speak in your meeting, you will not get as many business ideas as you need. Therefore, it is very important to approach the session more supportive and positive. Giving everyone the opportunity to speak by encouraging others to regulate themselves will let others talk, and everyone will listen and hear each other.

Experiment With Various Techniques And Tools

Every brainstorming session does not have to be the same. If you are thinking about how to increase creativity you can use different mind mapping tools and online brainstorming boards to make plans for opportunities, information, and problems.

Appreciate The Team

Want to motivate your team to participate in the brainstorm session in the future? Remember, it is very important to recognize their efforts, appreciate, and thank them.


By combining innovative technology tools with strong conversation skills, you can take advantage of WizIQ virtual collaboration and ensure that your workforce remains productive, involved, and in harmony with the mission and business goals of your organisation.

Finally, use the tips and tools above to trigger your team’s creativity now and manage the long -distance team efficiently.

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