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The IIT Legacy
What Ivy League is to USA, the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are to India. Held very high and prestigious in the eyes of the society, IITs have always striven to maintain a certain level of quality and discipline in areas ranging from Applied Sciences, Engineering and Business Management.

The entrance test to IITs, however, is one of the toughest examinations that students take every year. And even though IITs are renowned for a low admissions rate (1 in 50), these statistics don’t seem to dampen the spirits of exam takers. This year alone, there has been a record jump of 25% in registering candidates (1.1 million to 1.4 million).

Tradition Meets Future
In order to justify this hype and reach a larger student community, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi or IIT-D has decided to adopt Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in a big way. The IIT-D has now partnered with WizIQ to launch a specialized Certificate Course in Business Management (CCBM), patterned on the Minor Area Specialization in Business Management, earlier designed for undergraduate IIT-D students, now also open to graduates in any discipline.

This course is based on the Blended Learning Model, and combines face-to-face classroom teaching with online teaching. Comprising of three phases, the first and the last phase consist of in-campus classes, while a significantly elaborate second phase will be conducted online, via the WizIQ Virtual Classroom.

Out of the total 102 students on rolls, 92 are based in the campus, and interestingly, 10 of them are attending the online classes through their WizIQ accounts. The 6-month long course flagged-off smoothly on January 7, 2013. Already, the course has had prominent faculty members deliver lectures on various management subjects.

A Win-Win Deal For All
On successful completion of CCBM, the students shall be awarded a Certificate in Business Management by the Continuing Education Program and the Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi. The course aims at emphasizing the pervasiveness of the concepts of management and the importance of understanding the same in order to be successful in a corporate job.


Clearly, adopting ICT and democratizing education is a big leap into the future. It is all the more important for esteemed brick-and-mortar institutes like the IITs to drive the change through initiatives like this and add value to the field of online education. For in future, education sector would need to keep pace with new trends without compromising on quality.

And WizIQ shall always strive to deliver on the promise of our motto:

Adopt ICT
Adopt WizIQ


Although the admissions are now closed for the January batch, you can go through the course details by give a call at +91-172-5020178 or write to courses@wiziq.com, for more information on the next batch.



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  1. Now WizIQ has got into right hands as we are able to know more and more interesting and knowledge giving qualities of WizIQ through such a simple and convincing Post.

  2. Now WizIQ has got into right hands as we are able to know more and more interesting and knowledge giving qualities of WizIQ through such a simple and convincing Post.

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