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A well designed course page not only increases the chances of prospective students enrolling but also liking you on Facebook and sharing your course page via Twitter. It also has a huge impact on Google ranking and consequently, an increase in traffic.

The number one thing people see in your course is the course title (after the course image). We wrote about 4 tips to get your course title right previously!

In this post, we look at the sub-title.

A sub-title is the second (and the perfect) opportunity for you to engage your readers. A reader decides to navigate or to stick to your page by reading the subtitle.

When you create a course on WizIQ, you get the opportunity to enter the sub-title by clicking on “Enter more information about your Course” below the title to see fields for subtitle, highlights and more(see image 1).

3 best practices to create a subtitle that sticks:

  • Direct: Put the points which you feel would benefit the reader or what probably they would search for. Think of the subtitle not from your marketing perspective but what would attract learners. Some template combos that work:

    • Your background / experience + What do students get (For instance, refer to the subtitle as shown in the image 2: From a PMI certified instructor | Includes the mandatory 35 contact hours certificate)

    • Key value proposition (For example: The Most Comprehensive Android Coaching at Less than $3 per hour)

    • Do you offer something unique? Highlight that. (Example : One the few Verbal Ability Courses on WizIQ)

Tip : Long is fine, but break it up!

  • Creative: Think out of the box. Make people say wow! Make them notice your content. Some tips on how to do that:

    • The Quotation Twist : (Example: When opportunity comes knocking, you don’t want to be unprepared.  Learn Expert Interviewing Skills Now!)

    • The Emotional Twist : (Example: Invest on the best thing, yourself! Learn how to breath slowly and increase your happiness and peace!)

    • The Financial Twist : (Example: Invest $10 to learn how you can save thousands of dollars on your college education)

    • Make your own twist!

Tip : Bring in the surprise element – the unexpected is better than expected, sometimes!

  • Experiment: We are back with our pet theme. Experimenting. Once you frame a subtitle, do not be content. Best is yet to come. Write as many subtitles as you can by using the points discussed above. Share this list with your friends, students, your other contacts and with us. Let them vote and offer suggestions and modifications. And for that, how about a small exercise?

Write down your course title. Come up with 2-3 subtitle options. Why don’t you share them with us at and we’ll give you individual feedback! Also share them with anyone you think can give you feedback.

Questions? Comments? Tips? Write to us at with subject line “Course Creation Question : Sub-title Blog”!

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