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Instructors do not have an easy job. That said, the objective of imparting quality education has definitely been aided by the new online education tools that facilitate live classes, flipped classrooms, learner participation and much more. But, an instructor knows well that his/her job does not end with teaching. A major part of an instructor’s job also consists of measuring the outcome and learner engagement. As an instructor you have to gauge the level of learner engagement and take corrective measures – in case the engagement level is not satisfactory.

But, how do you measure learner engagement? Do you keep sheets with a lot of columns with details, such as number of live classes attended, test scores, assignments submitted, percentage of course completed and many more. Do you go back and update the sheets every day? Do you then proceed to calculate the learner’s progress depending on the numbers in all the columns? This would be a complicated way of measuring learner engagement. It will also eat into your time which you can otherwise use to teach and engage your learners.

Clearly, the sheet is not the answer. And you cannot function well as an instructor if you do not have data on learner engagement. Allow me to suggest the solution which is simple. It is the new Insights feature of Online Academy. We discussed the advantages and features of WizIQ Online Academy in our last blog.

Insights is a significant feature of WizIQ Online Academy that helps you keep track of all the activity in your academy by providing you with actionable information. Insights is enabled by default for your academy. You can track the progress of every individual learner in your academy by keeping a record of:

  • Percentage of videos a learner has watched
  • Percentage of live classes a learner has completed
  • Overall percentage of the course completed by the learner

In addition, you can monitor all the courses in your academy. You will have access to information, such as status of the course, number of enrollments in the course, content consumed and overall success of the course.

For any specific live class, you will have access to data, such as name and email address of the attendees, attendees’ role and attendees’ login and logout time.

This is but a small glimpse of all the information and data you will have access to with the Insights feature. Think of all the ways you can use this information and data. I could imagine a few:

Customized content for improved learner performance

Based on the information you get from Insights about your learners, live classes and courses, you can customize your live online classes and courses to address the specific learning needs of the learners. You can also group learners according to their learning needs and develop customized courses and classes for them. You can even identify the areas of improvement for an individual learner by analyzing the data and then devise a learning program or plan for him/her. This will enable you to considerably increase every learner’s performance, thereby improving the overall results produced by your academy.

Academy Stats

Your Academy’s Statistics


Reduced Dropout Rates

Learners drop out of courses and classes when their learning needs are not addressed and their problems are overlooked. With Insights, you get data related to every learner’s learning pattern and behaviour, giving you deep insights into their specific learning needs and challenges.   Since you can address each and every learner’s learning needs at an individual level, you will witness a marked decrease in the dropout rates for your courses and classes. Insights allow you to accurately identify the issues and resolve them promptly.

Learner Stats

 Learner’s Progress Report


Improved Instructor effectiveness

Your teaching approach or methodology goes a long way in deciding how engaged your learners will be. Having great instructional content is just not enough. The way content is delivered has a huge impact on learner engagement and consequently the success of your course or class. Insights gives you accurate information about content consumed by the learners and overall course completion. If these two parameters are good, you may need to look elsewhere for improvement.  Perhaps, your own teaching approach or the format in which the content is being delivered needs to improve.  The information that you get with Insights allows you to make significant improvements.

Course Stats

 Course Statistics 


These are just some of the ways in which you can utilize the information and data that Insights feature of Online Academy delivers to you. You can be more imaginative and analytical to use the feature to your advantage. Insights helps you make sense of events and trends related to your academy and take steps to change things for better.  After all, data or information can be a powerful tool in the hands of those who know how to use it.

So, claim your academy and start using Insights!

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