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Instructional Design: How Instructors Can Deliver a More Effective and Engaging Online Session

instructional design

One of the biggest challenges in online teaching/training today is – the challenge of instructor effectiveness. How an instructor delivers learning matters deeply. In fact, instruction is the single greatest factor that affects learner engagement, ultimately their achievement.

We constantly receive queries from our users on how to make teaching more effective. To address this concern, we are pleased to present a workshop that aims to provide an understanding of instructional design and actionable advice that will help you become more effective in learning delivery.

Why Instructional Design?

Generally, learning has been focused on what needs to be taught. Needless to say, most generalizations related to teaching methodologies are proving wrong. The challenge is not to teach what needs to be taught. Rather it is to understand how to teach and how students learn. In other words, the challenge is – how to make teaching learner-centric. How to strike a balance between different needs of different learners and create an effective and engaging intervention?

Instructional Design does away with common wisdom and helps create experiences that make knowledge acquisition easier, more effective and more interesting. Since it is rooted in cognitive and behavioural psychology, it takes into account multiple factors apart from the content that is /to be delivered and a medium through which it is delivered.

What, When & Where?

Instructional Design: How Instructors Can Deliver a More Effective and Engaging Online Session


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