Introducing WizIQ Recordor: Create, Share Powerful Video Lectures for Flipped Classroom!

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We have launched WizIQ Recordor: an amazing lecture-recording software designed exclusively for your teaching needs. This software lets you convert your PowerPoint presentations into synchronized video lectures, publish them to WizIQ (add them to Content Library), and share them with your students right from your desktop- something which no other software has enabled you to do until now. And yes, it’s absolutely free!

WizIQ Recordor (yes, it’s spelt with an “OR” not “ER”. No pun intended!) runs as an add-in to Microsoft  PowerPoint and works seamlessly with WizIQ. Install this add-in and a few clicks is all it takes to create an effective MP4 video lecture using your presentation. This add-in allows you to record your live audio and sync it with presentation slides.

Recordor also lets you flip the classroom and share the captured videos with your students via email so that they can learn from your online lectures at their own pace. Besides the flipped classroom, Recordor lets you create effective e-Learning content for your online courses, classroom teaching and MOOC sessions. And don’t worry, the software is so fun and easy to use that you’ll fall in love with it.

Get Your WizIQ Recordor Now!

How To Get Started With WizIQ Recordor

It’s very simple! Just follow these steps:

  1.      Download the WizIQ Recordor
  2.       Open Microsoft PowerPoint
  3.       Locate the WizIQ Recordor tab in the PowerPoint ribbon (see image below)
  4.       Click the tab and then click Record Audio to start recording audio (see image below).

As of now, WizIQ Recordor works with the 32 bit version of PowerPoint 2007, 2010 and 2013. The operating system on your computer should be Windows 7, 8 or 8.1.

More Insight Into The Amazing Features

Whether it is about using a video for classroom teaching, flipped learning, MOOCs or just YouTube sharing, WizIQ Recordor is the best and easiest way to create effective video lectures.

Some of the WizIQ Recordor features include:

  • Record your live audio: Just set your mic preferences and start recording.
  • img3Pause and resume recording: Want a coffee or a snack? Pause the recording, bring the goodies, and pick up where you left off!
  • Re-record current slide: Made an error while recording audio for a slide? No problem! Re-record the active slide before proceeding to the next one.
  • Preview the video: As soon as you click ‘End’, WizIQ Recordor starts processing your recording and creates an MP4 video file. Preview your captured video and go ahead if it looks fine or discard it if you want to record all over again.
  • Share captured videos: Share the video link with your students and colleagues from within PowerPoint.
  • Get upload history: Get details of all uploaded videos, including their URLs, upload status, etc. from Upload History window any time you want.

Apart from the features mentioned here, more advanced features will be added to WizIQ Recordor soon.

Get started today. Download WizIQ Recordor to convert those PowerPoint slides into amazing e-Learning content. It’s the best authoring software that you can find out there. It allows you to easily create effective video lectures within minutes at no extra cost.

We would love to see you try out this awesome PowerPoint add-in and get your feedback. And if you happen to face any problem in installing or using WizIQ Recordor, feel free to contact us at

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  1. What is the difference between Wiziq recorder and the rehearsal button at powerpoint 2010? I record voice for every slide, start and stop delete and record again and convert Powerpoints into MP4 videos just using the features of PowerPoint 2010. Do I need to download your software? How different it will be from what the PowerPoint 2010 has already offered?

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