Introducing WizIQ's latest blogger, Alexa Drolette

Greetings! My name is Alexa and I am the newest addition to the WizIQ blog. I have a diverse background, studying pretty much anything I could at Boston University and I ended up with a major in history and minors in archaeology and political science. Since I never want to stop learning, I went right into a Master of Arts in Teaching fellowship program after graduation and by May 2011 I had 2 years of teaching experience at a charter high school in Roxbury, MA, under my belt and an MAT from Simmons College. Last Summer I transitioned into working in the museum field. Having worked at the USS Constitution Museum in Charlestown, MA, and the Museum of Science in Boston, I now find myself happily contributing as the School Programs Coordinator at the Old State House in downtown Boston.

I also have a passion for social media and find myself trying to convince everyone I meet that having a Twitter account will improve their life immeasurably. I am so excited to contribute to the conversation on the Wiz IQ blog about 21st century education, which I consider to be the perfect intersection of my commitment to education and my enthusiasm for virtual technology. I believe that education does not happen only in the traditional classroom and that as educators, one of our most exciting challenges is developing ways to use the tools at our disposal to enhance learning.

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