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Effective Use of Technology needs an Investment!!

Our readers in the States will recognize this title as a paraphrasing of the public service tagline “It’s 11:30…do you know where your children are?” A little cheesy, and perhaps not the most effective campaign urging parental involvement in kids’ lives, but probably not a bad slogan for ed tech budgets as we head into FY13. They have a tendency to disappear into thin air these days as the effects of the economy and a deadlocked congress (again, at least here in the States) continue to rear their ugly heads. And yet, the effective use of technology in the classroom (whether higher ed, K12, or in non-traditional and training settings) requires financial investments.

These investments, though, can often be smaller than you might expect.

As I discussed over on ZDNet, investment in a platform that supports teaching and learning is far more important than buying hardware.

The point is that by making major investments in hardware as we come into the FY13 budget cycle without making relatively smaller investments in platforms and teacher training we are putting the cart before the horse…Many schools lack this all-important infrastructure. I’m not talking about networks and servers here either (although a robust wireless network, solid bandwidth, and gateway tools are obviously critical). As I have for some time now, I’m talking about platform.

I bring this up here on the WizIQ blog for a few reasons:

    1. Aside from teacher accounts for individuals who teach at accredited educational institutions, WizIQ isn’t free, and therefore needs to be assessed based on its value and ability to enhance teaching and learning versus other tools on the table for your upcoming budget.
    2. eCampus News is featuring a sponsored white paper on how to fund lecture capture in higher education. This white paper was written and paid for by Lectura, a leading provider of lecture capture solutions. Interestingly, though, while lecture capture is a very important tool for teachers and students, it happens to be part of the suite of tools represented by the WizIQ platform.
    3. WizIQ is a platform in and of itself. It isn’t all things to all people, but the platform components are growing. We’re building out an entire online academy that uses only WizIQ for managing and delivering classes. We also see WizIQ as an important network for teachers and learners, both for connecting with each other for professional learning and for building educator/client relationships.

WizIQ can be many things to many people…

Platforms come in many shapes and sizes and one size absolutely doesn’t fit all. It’s important that we evaluate our needs and find the right fit. I don’t think it’s much of a stretch, though, to say that WizIQ can be many things to many people and contribute a huge amount of value (whether for lesson capture, live teaching, the course marketplace, or anything in between) to educational institutions when they are determining how to allocate those scarce resources for the year.

Christopher Dawson

Chris is a full-time online teacher since then, focusing on teaching Business English to Adults. Rather than pushing the boundaries of technology, Chris seeks to simplify the online learning process by focusing on authentic human connections as a way to make online learning accessible for learners of all ages.

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