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"Rachel's English"Rachel of Rachel’s English joins WizIQ Ambassador and Knowledge Entertainer, Jason R Levine (Fluency MC) as the first guest on his brand new show.

The Best in ELT showcases extraordinary English teachers from around the globe. We are proud to feature Rachel as our first guest!
She is the creator of the hugely popular Rachel’s English website and maintains a YouTube channel with 46,000+ subscribers and millions of views.Rachel is a pronunciation expert respected by students and teachers alike for her extensive knowledge of the English sound system. She has a keen understanding of the issues that present learners with the greatest challenges, working closely with students from dozens of first language backgrounds. Rachel is highly dedicated to her profession and mission to create new series of videos to further help learners achieve their pronunciation goals."Rachel's English", "Fluency MC"For this first edition of The Best in ELT, we invite you into a virtual classroom in WizIQ to watch Jase’s interview with Rachel and participate in a live discussion to follow.

It’s a high-energy interview touching on many topics, including what Rachel loves about teaching, how she got started making videos, and her plans for the future. Whether you’re already a fan of Rachel or new to her material, you’re sure to enjoy and benefit from it.

Check out this teaser video to get a taste of what the interview was like!

To join Rachel and Jase for this exciting session in WizIQ, follow this link and simply select, “Join class.” You will then be registered to watch the interview and attend the discussion with Rachel, Jase and teachers and students from all over the world!

See you in WizIQ, where there’s SO much we can DO!



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  1. sent me your emal.. i lke learn English i need help me plz ..thank you so much… my email ID hosny_rahim my email by skype ID husny.raheem thanks

  2. sent me your emal.. i lke learn English i need help me plz ..thank you so much… my email ID hosny_rahim my email by skype ID husny.raheem thanks

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