Jase and Drew Team Up in WizIQ

Language Learning Using WizIQ

Jason R Levine and Drew Badger

I became a fan of Drew’s work the moment I came across his YouTube Channel  and saw him teaching the present simple in a blonde wig. As an online English teacher and creator of videos and podcasts, he is widely admired for his skill at getting learners to relax, focus, and feel more confident about their speaking.

Drew and I began working together when I launched ELTV. He recently presented in ELT Techniques, our MOOC for English language teachers in WizIQ. Drew’s passion-his singular mission-is to provide English learners with the right tools and opportunities to take their English to fluency.

Drew will use the WizIQ virtual classroom to get in closer contact with his followers and meet new students from around the world. Topping his list of priorities: Connecting them with native English speakers for conversation practice. To this end, he is gathering information from English learners about their needs in a three-question survey.

English teachers: Please help our cause by sharing this link to the survey with your students.

Students: For filling out the survey, Drew will send you a special audio recording and free guide based on the results.

Link to Drew’s Survey

Check out this video to learn more about what Drew’s got cooking:

Please join me in welcoming Drew Badger and the team at EnglishAnyone.com to WizIQ!

Jason R. Levine

Jason R Levine (Jase, for short) has fifteen years of experience in ELT as a teacher, teacher trainer, and materials writer. He is the creator of ColloLearn, an approach to English language learning based on the songs he writes and performs as Fluency MC. Jase is Ambassador and Knowledge Entertainer at WizIQ. He also teaches in the online MA TESOL program at the New School and writes songs and chants for several publishers, including Oxford University Press. He is chair-elect of the TESOL Interest Group Video and Digital Media and works as an English Specialist for the U.S. Department of State. Jase maintains the ColloLearn YouTube channel, where his videos receive an average of 100,000 views per month and the Fluency MC Facebook page page, which has 16,000 + members from over 50 countries. He is an active administrator of over a dozen Facebook groups for English language teachers and learners, including How to Improve Your English, All Things EFL, ESL, TESOL and Innovative Teachers of English.


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