Jason R. Levine interviews online teaching expert, Jack Askew


Jack Askew is one of 19 esteemed presenters featured in Teachers Teaching Online (TTO),
an upcoming MOOC for online teacher professional development beginning June 15 in WizIQ.
Jack is a fantastic online English language instructor who is passionate about helping other teachers find their niche online and market their courses.

Creator and Host of TTO, Jason R. Levine (Fluency MC), recently interviewed Jack. Jack will be presenting in the MOOC on June 20 and 27 (Click here to see the schedule for TTO).

Here are the questions Jase asked Jack:

1) Tell us about how you got into teaching.

2) What do you like most about teaching online?

3) Tell us about the sessions you’re going to do for TTO.

4) How do you envision the future of online teaching and learning?

5) What is the most important advice you can give a teacher who has just started (or is about to start) teaching online?

Check out the interview below:

Teachers: Whether you’re already teaching online or thinking about getting started, TTO is for you! Join us for free today!


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