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Launch Your Online Tutoring Business With WizIQ, Like D-Teach Did

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Have you ever asked yourself- How do I start a successful online tutoring business?

D-Teach, a successful tutoring business based in Belgium, asked the same question when they started on this quest. The vision was clear: to use the online medium to reach out to children and adolescents in Flanders and abroad. Their audience were young students, especially in primary and secondary school, and they wanted to tutor them in an interactive way that allowed children to learn faster.

Their search for a powerful online teaching platform ended at WizIQ, one of the top online learning destinations with over 4.3 million instructors and learners from around the world. WizIQ enabled the D-Teach team to deliver live, interactive online classes via the WizIQ Virtual Classroom recognized as the best in e-learning sector by World Education Congress.

D-Teach have been using the WizIQ Virtual Classroom for the last 3 years to deliver courses on foreign languages and prepare children for Flemish educational system. With WizIQ, D-Teach has started a successful online tutoring business and are attracting more and more students to their courses with each virtual class. Their complete success story unfolds below:

Online Tutoring: How it all started

This brilliant idea to leverage the 21st century technology to create rich learning experience for kindergartners, primary and secondary school children came to Lieselot Declercq, D-Teach Founder. Lieselot was first introduced to distance learning during her Master’s degree in Educational Science at the Open University. Internet helped her to stay in touch with her family and friends in Belgium during her research placement as an educational pedagogue in Brazil.

When she returned to Belgium, she took online classes from the Open University in The Netherlands. “I just loved being able to learn anytime and anywhere,” she reveals.

“While following online classes, I decided that I wanted to provide online teaching to children and adolescents in Flanders and abroad. Online teaching saves time for parents, and kids can take extra classes or they can learn about new languages and cultures at their own pace, in a professional and fun environment,” she continues. Her mission materialized into D-Teach and Lieselot began looking for an online teaching platform to put her mission into action.

D-Teach’s brush with WizIQ and Virtual Classroom

Lieselot was not new to online learning platforms. As a student, she had tried her hands on Big Blue Button and Elluminate but their limited features and high cost dissuaded her to try them out for her organization. An online search led to WizIQ Virtual Classroom Software. Impressed by the features it gave and affordable cost, she opted for a free trial. The free trial gave access to all premium features of the Virtual Classroom, including the power to:

  • Schedule and teach unlimited number of live classes
  • Co-brand WizIQ Virtual Classroom with your own logo
  • Upload and share content files in multiple formats
  • Engage in real-time with multi-way audio/video streaming and text chat
  • Share your desktop screen with learners
  • Engage students in group activities with breakout rooms, and lot more

WizIQ was the perfect fit for the solution she wanted! In particular, the following features impressed her a lot:

Live, Teacher-Student & Student-Student Interaction:

D-Teach wanted the live, teacher-student and student-student interaction of the traditional classroom in the virtual classroom too. WizIQ made that possible. Not only were all the students able to see and hear the teacher live in the class as in traditional classroom, but they could also text chat with the teacher and other students in the class. Having young students from different regions and countries at one time made the virtual class even better than the traditional one.

It wasn’t limited to text chatting alone. Teachers could give audio and video controls to students making audio and video chat a really fun thing to do. By monitoring and limiting audio and video controls to some students at a time, teachers could ensure the class always remained in control.

Advanced Whiteboard Features

WizIQ Virtual Classroom allowed D-Teach to enjoy powerful tools like:

  • Use pen tool to write text on the whiteboard
  • Draw shapes and figures in class and play around with those
  • Use Maths symbols if they want to
  • Use emoticons to add fun to classroom learning, etc.

This wasn’t limited to teachers alone. The teacher could transfer controls to students so they could draw anything on the whiteboard too!

Play Different Types of Content in Class

D-Teach knew primary and secondary school children learn best when different resources are pooled together- videos, presentations, documents, etc. WizIQ Virtual Classroom allowed teachers to display content from their Content Library in the virtual class and also upload files from desktop and play them online.

Teachers could play audio/video files in HD quality using the built-in Media Player in the virtual classroom. YouTube videos, a hit amongst students, could be easily played on the Media Player. Again by transferring controls, students too could play their videos in front of the entire class. The virtual class could be anything but bore for the students!

Inform Parents About Students’ Progress

Teachers could notify parents of upcoming classes and send reminders directly to their email. WizIQ Virtual Classroom allowed teachers to generate reports on student’s attendance and participation which could be then shared with the parents so they could track their child’s progress.

Very Easy-to-Use Interface

D-Teach wanted a platform that was powerful, yet easy enough for kids to use. WizIQ Virtual Classroom interface has been kept so easy that students as young as kindergartners have to simply click and play their class sessions – just what D-Teach needed.

Review Class with Recordings

D-Teach did not ask for this feature. But they are glad they got it. With recordings available for each class, D-Teach team could review teacher performance and understand how young children responded to various courses and different types of content – helping them improve the quality of education that D-Teach provides.

D-Teach Success Story & Way Ahead

D-Teach began using the WizIQ Virtual Classroom just three years ago. There has been no looking back since then. D-Teach has conducted more than 1400 classes on the WizIQ Virtual Classroom to date, and they are happy with the outcomes. Their students numbers have risen significantly and most importantly, they were able to usher in the change they wanted to see- making online education available to young learners.

D-Teach won’t stop here. They now plan to develop and open a completely virtual school—all powered by WizIQ’s robust, comprehensive, and affordable platform.

Let’s Launch Your Success Story!

WizIQ helped D-Teach accomplish their mission and become the forerunners in online teaching for young students. Where’s your success story? Give us a chance to make it happen for you. You can drop in a mail at to seek any assistance. We have 24/7 customer and technical support. You can request 14-days free trial to try your hands on the award-winning WizIQ Virtual Classroom by contacting . Get Going! Launch your online teaching career today!

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