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Explore the most comprehensive Virtual Classroom and LMS software, born on cloud and designed for accessibility anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Corporates and institutions are pulling all stops to create iconic experiences at both ends of digital learning – delivery and consumption via an Omni-channel online learning solution. Creating a ‘24/7-connected’ yet ‘at-convenience’ learning environment and giving users the opportunity to educate and learn anytime, anywhere on any device go miles in enhancing user engagement, improving retention and positively impacting the ROI.

However, the challenges are many, starting from identifying a learning delivery platform that is integrated, easy-to-use, drives adoption, takes care of all aspects of learning, is flexible and meets diverse learning needs and delivers a faster return on investment. Importantly, it needs to be scalable to accommodate the ever-growing learning delivery needs. Last but not the least, a learning platform must deploy the latest yet universally trusted technology – which is the currency in the digital world.

As organizations look to capitalize on the power of eLearning, WizIQ announces the launch of its brand new Virtual Classroom and LMS software – WizIQ NextGen, a unified, state-of-the-art and device agnostic learning delivery solution. Drawing from the previous experiences, best practices from the old platform and leveraging the latest technology, WizIQ NextGen seeks to make delivery and consumption of online courses, live classes and online training easier and more holistic by adding more usability and features. Each of the elements have been designed to drive adoption and reduce resistance.

Here’s a sneak peek into WizIQ NextGen and how it helps corporates and educators address their eLearning challenges:

1. Clean and lean user interface, theme customization and white-labeling

User Interface

We’re packaging a completely new look and feel. The first thing you’d notice is a clean and lean design. We took care of the aesthetics and worked around the screen space, making it easy for both instructors and learners to interact with the system.

Inspired by the Google’s material design, the layout is grounded in visual cues with elements placed in a clear hierarchy. The selection of symbols, elements, colors, and space is intentional for the platform to look familiar right at first glance. The idea behind this was – because most users already have used some Google Apps, the familiarity with the design is more likely to garner user interest – addressing the resistance to adopt a new technology.

WizIQ NextGen UI

Next is the navigation. A lot of thought and effort has gone into coming up with an adaptable design. The user interface is super sleek while keeping the technological complexities related to usability hidden from users. As demonstrated below, the navigation is precise and free of clutter. We have especially focused on trimming the long list of elements to fewer options with each having one job and displaying one type of information.

Theme customization and white-labeling

With WizIQ NextGen, our customers will be able to work around the themes, colors, background and banners of the user interface, depending on their branding. The changes in the overall layout, more precisely, how the courses will be visible to the learners, can also be made.


In this new release, we are also rolling out a complete white-labeling option for those who want to create branded learning portals of their own. Not only will you be able to customize the look and feel, but you can also use custom logo, favicon, vanity URL, SMTP gateway, custom certificate and email notification templates, custom payment gateway, Office365 login, and advanced reports.

At a glance:

  • Clean and lean UI
  • Google’s material design
  • Clutter-free screen
  • Simple navigation
  • Theme customization
  • Complete white-labeling

2. Integrated platform

The USP of WizIQ NextGen is that it’s a completely integrated learning delivery platform that is capable of executing virtual learning in all formats including live instructor-led, self-paced and scheduled courses right from one place. With additional capabilities – user management, integrated library, test creation, reporting, certification, and eCommerce, it’s the most comprehensive eLearning solution available today. You have a virtual classroom, course builder, test creation software, eLearning analytics and eCommerce built-in for a hassle-free learning delivery.

WizIQ NextGen integrated platform

The benefit is WizIQ NextGen will become a single point of reference for all your online learning operations. You can get a holistic view of the entire learning delivery function and connect the dots to analyze the overall impact of the technology. Administrators have the power to switch between the roles of admin, instructor or learner to check out and get a 360-degree view of the learning operations. Also, the consolidation enables optimized allocation of teaching personnel, IT and financial resources, effective and quick scaling and administrative, structural and hierarchical efficiencies.

WizIQ NextGen reporting and analytics

Furthermore, we are introducing user-based plans with WizIQ NextGen, which closely align cost with consumption. You’ll have the flexibility to create your own plan by choosing either the number of classrooms and attendees or the number of registered users you currently have. You can switch to premium plans as and when your needs grow. The benefit is that you have the total control over costs and pay only for the current number of users.

WizIQ NextGen pricing

Organizations with a tight budget can choose to pay only for the number of users that actually need the service. The best part is it’s easy to add new seats and more rooms. On the other hand, big organizations will have a clear picture of the bill as there will be no unexpected fluctuations in the costs of the service. The user-based pricing gives our customers the elasticity to ramp up and ramp down their online learning operations based on the rooms they need and users they have at any point in time.

At a glance:

  • Integrated platform for end-to-end learning cycle
  • Easy learning management
  • Live, self-paced and scheduled courses
  • User-based pricing
  • Instantly scalable

3. Microsoft Azure and WebRTC powered platform

At WizIQ, we firmly believe that technology is always about simplifying things and aim to make delivery and consumption of online learning more holistic. Continuing on this path, we switched the base technologies to Microsoft Azure and WebRTC for better and more reliable storage and real-time communication experiences.

Why Microsoft Azure?

Deploying Microsoft Azure that has the maximum number of data centers, more than any cloud provider, WizIQ NextGen will have the ability to run reliably and ensure a more stable learning delivery experience, even when thousands of users simultaneously log into the platform. Moreover, it ensures a secure and efficient cloud storage while lowering down the data maintenance and storage costs. Using Microsoft Azure, we can actually transfer the cost benefits to our customers.

HTML5-based WebRTC Virtual Classroom

With WizIQ NextGen, we are introducing our brand new WebRTC-based HTML5 Virtual Classroom. It runs on browsers thus, eliminating the need for proprietary plugins like Flash and facilitating anytime, anywhere any device learning.

Why WebRTC?

Well, there were multiple reasons for taking the plunge. Firstly, we wanted to come up with a Chrome-friendly product because it will soon stop supporting Flash. As of September 2017, Chrome owns 57% browser market share, making it the most popular choice for desktop, laptop, smartphone, and tablet users. Moreover, Adobe recently announced that Flash will be completely phased out by the end of 2020, as more open standards like HTML5 and WebRTC have matured over the past few years, providing more capabilities and functionalities without any plugins. This means that a large chunk of internet users would need platforms and apps that can run without Flash.

Secondly, we always strive to make it easy for our users to adopt and use the latest technology so that they can concentrate more on learning delivery. We understand how annoying downloading and maintaining plugins can be at times. Not only this, your entire session goes for a toss if the base technology stops or requires an update in the middle of it.

The new WebRTC Virtual Classroom addresses all these concerns. How? Let’s see:

  • It eliminates external dependencies, providing applications and browsers with real-time communication capabilities through simple APIs.
  • It is browser and device independent. WebRTC supports multiple browsers and platforms, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android, and iOS, across all devices irrespective of the screen size, making it more desirable.
  • It is HTML5-based – the fifth and the latest HTML standard – and comes with native support for multimedia and graphic elements, and cross-platform applications. This means, teaching in real-time will be as natural and effortless as browsing or texting from a browser.
What do you get inside new WebRTC-based Virtual Classroom?

The brand new Virtual Classroom sports a clean, clutter-free and spacious look. The idea was to increase the room for content so that the focus remains solely on teaching and learning. Alongside, you get:

  • Full-screen sharing and video: With this new release, full-screen content sharing is now possible. Also, the full-screen video layout enhances the proximity between instructor and learners and makes the session more effective. It successfully replicates the physical classroom environment.

WizIQ NextGen virtual classroom

  • Tiled view of attendees: During a live class, the tiled view of attendees, when whiteboard is not in use, establishes a deeper connection with fellow learners. It creates a collaborative space for discussions, query solving or simply establishing connections.

WizIQ Next Gen Virtual Classroom live streaming

  • Echo-free, low latency audio/video transmission: Reducing latency is the ultimate goal for any technology that supports live instruction, meeting, video conferencing or webinar. When attending a live-streamed instruction, most of the times, there’s a gap between video capturing and display. The WebRTC Virtual Classroom runs in the browser, leveraging the built-in RTC (real-time communication) capacities, and HTML5 comes with the native support for multimedia applications, ultimately leading to low latency. Also, it can host 5-way video and unlimited audio streams.
  • Advanced whiteboard: The built-in whiteboard comes with a full-screen mode. You can open multiple whiteboards during a single live session. It has been specially designed to make it easy to teach technical subjects, like math, physics, chemistry, geometry, statistics, programming, electrical sciences, geography, and languages. It has the out-of-the-box advanced geometric shapes and graphs, circuit diagrams, line diagrams, apparatus, and maps. Also, you can draw, illustrate, annotate and do possibly everything that you would on a blackboard in a physical classroom.

WizIQ NextGen advanced whiteboard

  • Shared IDE for learning programming languages with syntax highlighting: The new WebRTC Virtual Classroom introduces a shared IDE (Integrated Development Environment), a first-of-its-kind, making it easy to write, edit and share the code in real-time. It’s a space where an instructor can view the code attendee is writing and can offer suggestions and guidance, or edit the code while highlighting the syntax. The benefit? Instant feedback and speedy learning of a programming language. This feature works equally well for programming or development teams separated by the geographical locations. Shared IDE makes it possible for team members to collaborate in real time and edit the code together, irrespective of their locations. It is designed to maximize the productivity of technical teams.

WizIQ NextGen virtual classroom code editor

  • Server-side recording: We’re introducing server-side HD recording (SSR) in our WizIQ NextGen release. The recording is ready to be published in just a few seconds after you conclude your live session. Previously, your live lecture used to be captured locally on your system, and the recording started upon completion of the session. It took several hours and a considerable internet bandwidth during and after the class. Most other virtual classrooms in the market still do not support server-side recording, making it challenging for users to record live lessons. WizIQ NextGen takes this hassle out of your life. When your lecture is airing live, it’s captured on our servers, making the recording available for view immediately. Internet bandwidth has no role to play in the recording of your live lessons. Also, multi-bitrate streaming enables you to deliver live sessions or video recordings with the resolution that best matches your attendee’s internet bandwidth.

At a glance:

  • WebRTC-based HTML5 Virtual Classroom
  • Full-screen video conferencing
  • 5-way video, unlimited audio streams
  • Multi-bitrate streaming
  • Full-screen content sharing
  • Advanced whiteboard
  • Code editor with syntax highlighting
  • Server-side recording

4. Customizable mobile apps

Since inception, WizIQ has been committed to providing corporate businesses and educators around the world with the best capabilities to deliver a rounded learning experience beyond the confines of space, time and device. In the 24/7 connected environment, it’s become important to make learning available anytime, anywhere on any device.

With mobile apps for Android and iOS, WizIQ NextGen helps instructors and trainers redefine education and reach out to their audiences at all times. In fact, WizIQ offers the world’s first fully-customizable, brand-able mobile applications for online learning. The learner-side mobile apps allow users to view all course activities and access the course material on their smartphones.

WizIQ NextGen mobile learning

On the other hand, WizIQ mobile apps empower corporates and educators to give their audiences a branded learning experience while ensuring the convenience of learning anytime, anywhere on any device and deeper engagement levels.

At a glance:

  • Learner mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Fully customizable
  • White-label-ready

What to look forward to?

WizIQ NextGen is a powerful tool to deliver effective and hassle-free online instruction. It has been designed keeping the users at the heart of everything. We have tried to keep the interface minimalistic yet intuitive. Each feature and pertaining element has been placed in a way that accelerates adoption wherein even the first-time users can get around the platform without any guidance or detailed instructions.

However, we don’t stop here and will continue to make it more intuitive, simpler and comprehensive. After all, technology needs to be more inclusive than exclusive!


Shivani Sharma

Content Manager at WizIQ. A writer, editor, planner and executor by the day, and a reader during commute to and from work. Skilled at writing simple. More than anything, a FOODIE!

18 thoughts on “Announcing the launch of WizIQ NextGen

  1. It is a good platform. However some most important feature are missing in the course content whether in self paced course or schedule course. as a content we can not link web page or youtube video. These are common features for all most all popular LMS. Most of instructor need this. If embedding is difficult, then this can be open in the different page in the browser.

    1. Hi Ashok,

      Thank you for writing in.

      We have noted your feedback and passed this on to the product development team to see how we can fast track this.

      WizIQ Team

    1. Hi Fahad,

      Thank you for connecting with us. You can customize the platform with your logo. However, to answer all your queries, request you to connect with our customer support team at this email id: support@wiziq.com.

      WizIQ Team

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for the helpful replies above. May I ask when are you planning to cover French, Polish, Chinese and Dutch, if at all?

    Kind regards

    1. Hi Rakesh,

      Thank you for writing in.

      Depending on your requirement, these languages may be added to the product. Please do write to us on support@wiziq.com for any other query.

      WizIQ Team

    1. Hi Rafi,

      Thank you for your query.

      The WizIQ platform can be accessed on the internet browser and the mobile application.

      The mobile application is compatible with Android and iOS platforms.

      We would encourage you to attend our demo session on https://www.wiziq.com/request-a-demo/ to know more about how the WizIQ platform works!

      WizIQ Team

  3. In my live classes in the current flash classroom, I am able to see all 12 student names. It seems in the nextgen classroom, I am only able to see 5 or 6 of the student names. I find it really useful to be able to see as many names as possible without having to scroll back and forth during the the class.
    Also, can the chat be disabled so that students are paying attention to the class rather than chatting?
    Thanks for you answers to these concerns.

    David Abineri

    1. Hi David,

      Thank you for bringing this to our notice. We have tried that WizIQ NextGen works better than the older one in all respects. However, there might be some issues as we have recently rolled out the new product. I have already raised this issue with our tech team. Give us some time to investigate and get back to you. Your patience and support are deeply appreciated.

      As far as disabling the chat is concerned, it cannot be done in the WizIQ NextGen as of now. However, we are already working on addressing the administrative concerns and we hope to roll out this update soon.

      Let us know if we can help you with anything else. Stay tuned for more updates.

      Have a great day!

  4. Is the new gen able to handle Chinese, Japanese, Korean character So? In the old whiteboard text boxes, it didn’t accept input method such as Microsoft IME. I could only copy and paste into a text box, but not direct input using input methods. Has this big downside for 2-byte characters been solved? I asked many engineers in the WizIQ, but nobody could solve this problem. I hope you have considered the huge market called China.

    1. Hi, Thank you for raising your concern.

      The good news is that the WizIQ NextGen is able to take inputs in Chinese, Japanese and Korean into the whiteboard text box and chatbox. The languages, however, should be added to your system/machine, which you can do manually.

      At this point, WizIQ doesn’t support these languages as a part of the UI. It only supports German, Spanish, Arabic, and English. We are working on adding Chinese to the UI and the update should be out in the next couple of months. At the same time, I would like to repeat that inputs in Chinese, Korean and Japanese in the whiteboard and chatbox can be given directly from your keyboard.

      I would also suggest you try WizIQ NextGen and see how it works. Should there be a problem, please feel free to write.


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