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Learning is Fun
Learning is fun when emotions are involved. There is no better way to get our emotions roused than with music and dance. Charles Goodger does exactly that. Charles is the person behind Funsong, an English language program for children and adults on how to learn English with song and dance. But it’s so much more than that and no better person to explain the system than Charles. Charles Goodger was a guest speaker on WizIQ conversation, today. I learn so much from the conversation.

Conversation with Charles Goodger

Who is Charles Goodger?
Originally from London the founder of FunSongs Education speaks six languages and plays three musical instruments. He has a degree in French and Spanish from London University and an IH TEFL teacher training certificate. Charles has indefinite tenure as a Collaboratore Esperto Linguistico at Bologna University in Italy from where he has taken several years unpaid leave to dedicate himself to developing FunSongs Education programs for different countries. He lives with his Italian wife and twelve-year-old son in Riga, Latvia. Charles Goodger is an English teacher, text-book writer (his course books include World Friends and the bestseller The Language of Travel, Mondadori) and teacher trainer. Charles is also a pianist, guitarist and songwriter and continues to work regularly as an entertainer and performer.

You can find out more about how he put together his interests in music and language learning by reading Chapter One of the free PDF book Music and Mime, Rhythm and Rhyme. Since establishing FunSongs Education in 2000, Charles has been a plenary speaker at numerous international ELT conferences, and held workshops and seminars in China, India, Lithuania, Russia, Latvia, France, Germany, Italy, Estonia, Spain and England. “I’m glad I studied languages. Being able to communicate in different languages makes relations with people so much richer and less superficial. Of course in this globalizing 21st century a proper grounding in lingua franca English is part of the new literacy but that doesn’t mean native English speakers who venture abroad can assume they can get by on English alone. Learning a foreign language well proves you respect others’ cultures and identities and can foster harmony.

Funsongs Website
For further information on what Charles does and how you can connect with Funsongs, visit his website.


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