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A Summer of Global Adventures: Ludmila Smirnova on Moodle MOOC 4


It’s an oxymoron, but summertime sadness is more to do with the weather than with Lana Del Rey’s melancholic mood. When the sun is on the head and the tar roads are sweltering with illusive mirages, it’s time to take a sabbatical and retire to your air-conditioned quarters.

So sip on a melon cooler, turn up the AC on high, and behold the only way out of this balmy situation: LAPTOP and INTERNET. Because that’s enough to beat the heat this summer. WizIQ presents the 4th season of Dr. Nellie Deutsch’s very successful Moodle MOOC. With 28 presenters and 34 live, online classes, Moodle MOOC 4 promises to keep you busy, engaged and learning all summer.

We asked one of the presenters, Dr. Ludmila Smirnova, to share her thoughts about the upcoming Moodle MOOC 4 and her role in it. Over to Dr. Smirnova.

Moodle MOOC 4

“My presentation will be about The Value and Process of Creating Collaborative Learning Communities in Technology-enhanced Teacher-training Courses”.

Each year, I start a new semester and inform my classes that the major format of my courses will be cooperative and collaborative learning. I always notice the change of expression in a number of faces. As a rule, those teacher candidates that expressed disappointment, had a bad experience during their school years with “cooperative” group work. From further conversations and discussions, they share that they were completing all work in the assigned group projects, but everybody in the group would get the same high grade. Unfair!

This confession happens each year. It takes a while, almost a semester, to convince these students to start appreciating the value of cooperative/collaborative learning. If done correctly, cooperative/collaborative learning is a powerful and meaningful method.  That’s what my session will be about. I will share the research findings, best practices and my personal experience on how to create positive collaborative learning communities.

I will be presenting my talk via WizIQ, a web-based e-learning delivery platform. I have been using WizIQ since 2008. First, in my online classes, when I was assigned to teach classes in the summer or during winter interim, but was traveling abroad. I was also using WizIQ when I was asked to share my experience with the Web 2.0 tools. In fact, it was during one of the live online classes that I had met Dr. Deutsch. She had joined my class. We soon became friends and colleagues. In 2009, when I started closely collaborating with Dr. Nellie Deutsch on a variety of projects, we were using WizIQ for coordinating Moodle workshops, IWE global projects, or moderating Connected Online conferences, Spring Blog festival, and now Moodle MOOCs. It is such a rewarding experience! WizIQ is a space where talented, creative and skillful educators meet, collaborate and exchange ideas and most importantly generously share their mastership with each other and the learners from all over the world.”

Dr. Ludmila Smirnova has a Master’s in teaching foreign languages from Volgograd State Pedagogical University, Russia. She has also done her Doctor of Philosophy in the theory and practice of education from Academy of Pedagogical Science, Moscow.

Professor Ludmila Smirnova has been at the Mount since 2003. She has taught courses in Curricular Planning, Methods of Teaching, Nature of Schools, and Society and Teaching with Technology. She has become increasingly recognized for her leadership in the application of emerging Internet technologies to instruction.

She pens down her ideas and experiences on her own blog called “Teaching for the Future“. Join her, and experts like her in the Moodle MOOC 4 on WizIQ; starting June 1.


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