Maker Movement: Ameliorating Education the ‘DIY’ way

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The Maker Movement, an evolution of the modest DIY or do-it-yourself principle into a remarkable learning revolution across the world, works on a simple premise – it encourages pupils to embrace an entrepreneurial approach to bring their ideas to life. It inspires the learners to take charge of their lives, solve their own problems and share with others how they solved them.

The Maker Movement has been around for some time now but it was only over the past couple of years that it seized a much significant place in the education sector.

From traditionally being a ‘how-to’ activity, it has now come to be recognized as any activity that utilizes creative skills to create or design something on your own. Thus, DIY stands for everything from baking a pie, to refurbishing a garage, to creating handmade products like apparel or jewelry. It even encompasses technical repair and inventions like robotics, digital fabrication, and mechanical repairs.

In effect, the Maker Movement has brought together individuals eager to learn through DIY around an array of creative activities ranging across the entire spectrum of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) — in short, making nearly anything.

Creating ‘Maker’ Learners

In essence, ‘DIYing’ or ‘making’ and the act of being a ‘maker’ is continuously evolving and affecting more people and sectors than ever before. It is changing the world, especially the education industry, for the better. For, it is promoting a refreshing new learning and creative entrepreneurial experience – that of Learning by Doing.

For this reason, it is quickly making its way into a variety of educational spaces. The movement has been adopted by millions of schools and universities across the globe. And the ever-growing international recognition bears testimony to the vast popularity of the movement among students, parents and educationists alike.

Providentially for educators, the Maker Movement traverses with the natural penchant of children for learning by doing that as a bonus, results in improved performances.

By cashing in on the lessons of the Maker Movement, teachers have been able to give the traditional educational practices of learning by theory, a complete 360 degree turn around!

History in the Making!

The Maker Movement has empowered an entire generation of learners with the tools and skills to put their ideas to functional use, paving the way for newer technologies that will drive this growing population in the coming few years.

What makes the movement even more special is the fact that it has struck a chord with educationists and parents alike at a time when the value of a school or university degree was being questioned by many. Students were being asked to demonstrate what they had learnt at the school. They ‘knew’ but they just could not ‘show’! At such time, the inception of the Maker Movement on the education scene has helped foster a mindset of creativity and innovation among the pupils.

No wonder then, the movement is growing in schools as one of the most authentic learning revolutions ever.

In fact, it is not wrong to say that the Maker Movement has just begun!

From a generation of learners who learnt by rote, to creating a generation of ‘maker’ learners, the Maker Movement has sure made a special place for itself in the history of the education industry.

We can’t wait to see where this movement will take us next.

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