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From the things I remember about school, I can clearly recollect the weight of my school bag. Stuffed with books, notebooks, pencil-box and drawing books and what not. Without any space left for the dreaded answer sheet of that test from last week.

My school bag was most definitely not the icing on my tedious school day. How I wished I could do something about it at that time!

And now here I’m. A part of the solution.

That’s why if someone asks me “ Why build a mobile app for taking courses?”, the answer is as simple as “For one, it will make school bags weigh a lot less than they do.”

Education, specifically the way it is imparted, has undergone a slow but definite evolution. When we say slow, we compare it to the pace at which the technology surrounding it has evolved. It’s quite ironic though! The evolution of education inspires the evolution in technology – it is but natural that the growth of technology will shape the educational sphere in turn.

In our own way, we, the mobile development team at WizIQ, are trying to do just that:

  • We are trying to re-shape how content is consumed with the help of the technology at your disposal.
  • We believe that learning as a concept – should be free of physical restrictions like distance and the bulk of physical medium.
  • We are trying to condense that heavy bag – full of books and notes –  into a simple application, which can be accessed on mobile.
  • Let me go a step further by saying that not only are we saving the bag’s content in the app, we are also daring to bring the classroom on the same mobile device.
  • The classrooms on WizIQ platform enables us to enable you to learn at your convenience – from home, from a library or even from your favourite park or coffee shop through your mobile. In turn, we enable you to test the learning on the same app and analyse the results in real-time. Don’t get mad at us! It’s a small trade-off.

Imagine learning from the best of teachers, from distant countries as from the next neighbourhood – without having to organize the physical content. We are happy to do it for you and hope that we get better at it with your feedback and encouragement.

Welcome to learning in 2016!

Devanshu Kaushik

Devanshu is a Mobile Application Developer at WizIQ, but prefers the moniker -Artisan to Developer. He is also a recreational blogger - likes to compose short poems, blog about lifestyle, productivity, food, occupation, education and pretty much everything under his umbrella of thoughts.

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