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Surely not many people would take the view that learning Chinese is all about FUN as it is considered the toughest language to master.

But Queenie Kawabe not only asserts this with full confidence; she backs it up with evidence. Queenie is a Chinese language instructor with vast experience in teaching Chinese, both online and in traditional classrooms; but teaching Chinese online is her forte. Lately, she has been using the online whiteboard as her primary tool for teaching Chinese writing online. Her students love this approach, finding it a very interactive and easy way to learn Chinese characters.

In an interview with WizIQ, Queenie tells us more about herself, her passion for teaching, and her future plans:

1. Tell us something about yourself and your teaching background.

My name is Queenie Kawabe. I am the founder and teacher at QK Chinese, an online platform for learning Chinese. Since I was brought up in a multilingual family, I am able to speak 5 languages. I am a Chinese and Cantonese teacher, and I also occasionally teach English as a Second Language (ESL).

I have been teaching and working with people from all walks of life since 2006. At first, I taught high school students, students from high-profile business background, and adults looking for a new hobby. Since 2010, I have been working with a US teaching company called Global LT as an English instructor to Chinese children and adults in Australia. I have worked with several child-care centres in Australia to provide Mandarin lessons to young learners. I have also taught Mandarin and Chinese Culture to students at the Australian Catholic University.

2. What made you choose teaching as a profession?

I enjoy teaching because it is something I have always felt I had a talent for. I derive lots of happiness and satisfaction as I watch my students improve, and I love to share my knowledge with others and help them to master Chinese.

3. For how long have you been teaching Chinese online?

Since 2009. I started teaching online because my former students wanted to attend my Chinese lessons but they were unable to travel to my place. Since then, I have taught more than 1000 students online. My students love the idea of learning Chinese online because they can choose their learning time and it gives them great flexibility. They can access lessons from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection available.

4. How do you plan to help people who are interested in learning Chinese?

I have been teaching Chinese for 8 years and I know how difficult it is to start learning a new language. I constantly try new ideas to help more people learn Chinese and give them a better understanding of Chinese culture. I plan to reach out to more students and Chinese language teachers and help them learn and teach Chinese easily by sharing my knowledge and experience through the WizIQ platform.

5. How does WizIQ Virtual Classroom Whiteboard aid your teaching?

With WizIQ Virtual Classroom Whiteboard, I am able to write Chinese characters on the computer screen and teach the formation of words to my students. It also allows me to engage my students in the virtual classroom. In addition, I can set up a virtual classroom from anywhere and can reach learners across the world.

6. What are your favorite Whiteboard tools that you like to use in the class?

To be honest, there are a lot of teaching tools I love on the WizIQ Whiteboard. But I love using the pencil tool and multiple whiteboard tool the most. Since I can add as many pages as I want to demonstrate the Chinese writing to my students, I do not have to worry about wasting paper.

Apart from that, students love to change their pencil colour when they write on the whiteboard so it is easy to differentiate between the writing of students. Also, I love the writing control feature because it allows me to manage my class remotely.


Queenie Kawabe is coming on WizIQ to help teachers learn to engage learners with the online whiteboard. Join her, LIVE, on Sep 17th at 8am EST for her free one-hour session on “Using the Online Whiteboard to Teach Chinese”. Click here to enroll for the session.

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