Mobile-Assisted Language Learning (MALL) Made Easier by Flipping the Classroom

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Mobile-Assisted Language Learning allows students to access language learning material and to communicate with instructors and peers from their mobile devices. And integration of flipped classroom creates more customized learning experience suiting various learning styles.

Teaching a new language is a tricky thing.

Some students learn it with ease while some struggle. This makes  foreign language instructors wonder if there are some tricks or tools to make teaching a language easy. In other words, they are in search of ideas and tools to make learning a new language easy for their learners.

Every Student Learns Differently!

Experts say that language skills are learnt in a flexible learning environment. Not all students learn the same way and at the same time. This is why it’s important to keep in mind the diverse needs of learners and provide them with the assistance just when they need it.

Combine Mobile-Assisted Learning Language and Flipped Classroom

In such a scenario, the internet and mobile technologies make it possible for instructors to offer personalized support to their learners. MALL – Mobile-Assisted Language Learning provides a self-driven, just-in-time learning option to students. It gives them the flexibility to access the language learning material anytime anywhere from a mobile device.

And flipping the classroom further customizes the experience suiting different learning styles.This not only helps students learn when they are at their productive best but also allows teachers to focus more on the questions and concerns of the learners. Learners can watch recorded videos at their convenience and can actually participate in more actively during the live session.

In a flipped classroom, an instructor creates more learning opportunities for students. This is because learners gain a basic understanding of the concept before coming to the class. And instructors can take their questions during the live session. Marrying MALL and flipped classroom makes sense. It makes learning of a new language easy and speedy.

Mobile learning and flipped classroom along with the internet technology has made language teaching and learning easy. You can also make your language learning session more interesting and effective. Learn how to marry these two concepts at CO16 – Global Virtual Online Conference starting from February 5, 2016. Click on ‘save my spot’ button to participate in the conference.


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