Moodle MOOT Virtual Conference is under way. The 4th annual MoodleMoot Virtual Conference (MMVC15) for 2015 is a free annual webathon event that will take place from August 7-9, 2015 on MMVC15 WizIQ Webathon and on MoodleMoot Moodle learning environments. Click to get the Count Down to MMVC15

Moodle MOOT Virtual Conference

MMVC15 is short for Moodle MOOT Virtual Conference. MMVC11 was scheduled to take place in Cancun, Mexico. It was designed as a summer vacation for the whole family. Things didn’t work out, and it became an online event. Maybe, one day, MMVC will take place face-to-face somewhere around the world.

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Main Conference Areas

The main conference area is on WizIQ. You will be receiving ongoing updates before, during, and after MMVC15: Participants, who reflect on the sessions on their blogs, will receive a certificate of completion for the MOOT. Submission of the reflections and certificates will be awarded in the Moodle course area:

Past Conferences

Moodle MOOT 3-day Virtual Conference began in 2011. The recordings of the exciting presentations from past MMVCs are available below: 

  1. MMVC14:
  2. MMVC13:
  3. MMVC12:
  4. MMVC11:


Highlights of MMVC15

The theme of MMVC15 is connecting for learning. Educators and technology experts share their best practices on how to teach with technology. The topics cover the following areas:

  • Teaching and Learning with Technology
  • Teaching and Learning Online
  • Blended Learning
  • Mobile Learning
  • Blended Online Learning
  • Badges for Learning
  • Online Learning Environments
  • Learning in Virtual Worlds
  • Case Studies on Moodle

Webinars for MMVC15

The presenters of MMVC15 are volunteer educators and technology experts who use technology in face-to-face, fully online or in blended learning courses. You can access the presentations for MMVC15 and the content in the courseware of MMVC15 conference area.

The live class and recordings will be available for download as MP4 files. You can access the webinars and recordings in the in the course schedule on WizIQ. The WizIQ teaching system automatically enrols the members of the conference in each of the webinars. Click here to enrol:

Daily Schedule for August 7-9, 2015

August 79 AM  ESTDr. Nellie Deutsch, Ed.DOpening Ceremony
August 710 AMESTCharles GoodgerTeaching language through action songs
August 711 AMESTDr. Anna GrabowskaActive Citizens 60+ case studies
August 712 PMESTDr. Nellie DeutschWhere’s my Badge? I did all my work?
August 71 PM ESTMatt Rogers, Education Project Manager, DigitalMe & Sharon Middleton, Director, MakewavesUsing Open Badge ‘Packs’ to support the teaching of computing within the curriculum
August 72 PM ESTStephan HughesTechnology to Development
August 73 PM ESTRob HowardMake online students feel right at home
August 88 AM ESTSheeba AjmalEffective Use of technology in Early Years
August 89 AM ESTShanthi Cumaraswamy StreatReach Out to Language Learners through Blogging
August 810 AMESTJanvier NkurunzizaTeacher training with Moodle in Africa/at the University of Rwanda, action research
August 811 AMESTBrenda MallinsonRemixing OERs – Adapting for Purpose and Context
August 812 PMESTHalina Ostankowicz- BazanFuture of Education
August 81 PM ESTFrederica-AZANIA ClarePeace & Culture Warriors: ONLINE WAR ABOLITION & PEACE ADVOCACY from your armchair…
August 82 PM ESTVicky Papageorgiou
August 83 PM ESTDr Ebba OssiannilssonThe battle for innovation towards opening up education
August 99 AM ESTVance Stevens
August 910 AMESTAgileBill Krebs“Andragons” – the shape of learning
August 911 AMESTRosmery Ribera FerrierAcademic Paragraph and Essay Writing
August 912 PMESTAnita AdnanUsing FB closed group to support postgraduate students in their journey : an initiative by DSG team, Malaysia.
August 91 PM ESTEduardo LinaMoodle as a Huge Digital Book
August 92 PM ESTAzmira AmranMOOCs
August 93 PM ESTDr. Nellie Deutsch, Ed.DMoodle Mobile and closing ceremony


Presenters will receive certificates for presenting. Participants will receive certificates of completion, if they qualify. The criteria for the certificates of completion is to reflect on 3 webinars or recordings that are available in the courseware of the conference area on WizIQ under live classes: in a blog post for each webinar. There is no due date, but we recommend submitting your reflections by the end of August.

Submit Reflections

The links to 1 blog post of the reflections must be submitted here on the Moodle.


Please contact Dr. Nellie Deutsch at for further information.

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