Is Your Learning Management System Still a T-Rex?

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Going by the convention is easy. Same goes for online learning.

So, feel confident and say out loud that you still want to remain stuck in a rut – deliver learning using your age-old learning management system.

Cloud? Just the hype, will die sooner than later!

On-premise LMS is pretty easy to use. Plus, cloud is too advanced an idea to be considered! It’s the future of online learning. Still a long way to go. Why bother now?

So, do you mean to say that you still want to feed your dinosaur-like LMS with all your resources, constantly wondering how to be your productive best.

To me, it seems like you have taken leave of your logic. Because the future is already here. And sticking to knitting is not going to take you anywhere. When smarter ways of deploying learning technology are available, continuing with the expensive and almost-prehistoric system makes no sense.

So, why choose a cloud learning management system or SaaS-based LMS over a hosted solution? For the perks and benefits you’ll receive.

An on-premise is a beast that you try to tame unsuccessfully and a cloud-based LMS is a no-brainer. The latter can provide you with a lot more than a hosted solution ever could. That means you’ll have more time to focus on the actual learning, instead of the management of it.

That change in focus

  • Reduces stress
  • Gives you more time for true learning
  • Provides you with peace of mind as to how the system works and whether it will continue to be successful for you in the future

When choosing your LMS, there are some specific areas you should consider. That will help ensure you get the best system for your needs. Then you can realize all the benefits you wouldn’t get with a hosted system.

#1 No Development Costs

Unlike the creation and development of a hosted system, a cloud-based LMS doesn’t have development costs. You’re not creating that system, and you don’t have to design, set up, and host it, either. There’s no planning and development phase and no spending money to see if it’s going to work. You also won’t have to hire an IT person to help get the bugs out when you’re ready to go live. Instead, all you have to do is choose the LMS you want and get signed up. Then you’re ready to go. The amount of money you will save in development costs could be significant, depending on the hosted system you would have used.

#2 Instant Deployability

One of the biggest problems with a hosted LMS is that it takes a lot of time to get it ready. From the time you decide you want to create and use one through to the time when it’s actually available to use could be weeks or even months. You can’t just get the idea and then deploy it. With a cloud-based LMS, though, you have instant deployability that you never have to worry about. You decide what LMS you want to use, and you start using it. It’s that easy, and you can deploy the things you need right away. That prevents you from having long delays when it comes to getting from idea to deployment.

Not only does that help you in getting an LMS set up, but it helps the people you will be helping. It gives them a faster way to start their learning, and also something that is going to be more reliable for them. That provides a high value to you and any learners you assist. Everyone can benefit from the instant deployability that a Cloud Learning Management System will offer. While hosted systems are still used in some companies today, they lack that fast ability to deploy. In many cases, continuing to use them or choosing them over cloud-based LMS solutions is becoming less common.

#3 Cost Predictability

One of the best things about the cost of an LMS that is cloud-based is that you know how much that cost really is. There aren’t any nasty financial surprises. You don’t have to worry about rates going up or extras being added on when you weren’t expecting them. Instead, you’re given the real, true, complete price for the cloud-based LMS options you can choose from. Having choices is a good thing. That can help you select what really works for you, and what will be the best choice going forward.

You don’t have to base the LMS you choose on cost, although that might be necessary. No matter what you choose, though, you won’t need to worry that your costs will suddenly rise. Hidden fees and costs can become very problematic for people who use hosted systems. Bugs, breakdowns, and glitches have to be discovered, corrected, and avoided in the future. At least as much as is possible. Cloud-based LMS systems don’t have any of those kinds of associated costs, and that leads to fewer unexpected expenses.

#4 No Long Term Contracts

Being locked into a contract can be the worst feeling. It’s especially problematic if there’s a need to get out of the contract early or you aren’t sure the system you’re using is the right one for you. That’s the kind of problem you can run into with hosted systems, since they generally require a contract to get them set up. Cloud-based LMS systems don’t have long term contracts. You can use the system for as long as you like, and then you can stop using it when and if you need to. By giving you those kinds of options, the LMS you choose won’t lock you in. You’ll never be forced to continue using it for a set period of time – often years – until you can make a change.

#5 Everything Required is Available in One Place

Having everything you really need all in one place is very valuable. You don’t have to go looking for other things you need, and you don’t have to get add-ons for the system you have. Not only can those kinds of changes and needs cost you more money, but they can also cost you more time and add to your stress. You just need a system where everything works and where you can get to it all in one place, anytime you need it. You can get that with a cloud-based LMS system. These systems can give you peace of mind in knowing that everything is right where it should be. When you’re ready to use it for anything at all, it’s there.

With all your teaching and learning tools at your fingertips, you can’t go wrong with a cloud-based LMS system. The convenience is second to none, and there’s no hunting around for things that always seem to go missing when you need them most. That can be a big part of the frustration with hosted systems, but you won’t have that problem with cloud-based LMS options. The value in that is very high. It can even be more important than the cost savings you’ll also likely see when you choose a cloud-based LMS system.

#6 No Update and Maintenance Costs

When you have a hosted system, it has to be maintained and updated frequently. If you don’t maintain it, it’s not going to keep working the way it should. If you don’t update it, the information you have is going to be out of date. It’s hard to teach and learn with outdated information. It also doesn’t provide everything it should for the needed level of knowledge. That’s why updating is so important, and why maintenance is highly valuable in any system. It’s not that cloud-based LMS systems aren’t maintained or updated, but only that you don’t have to worry about doing either of those things.

You don’t need to perform these duties yourself, and they will be done by the company that provides the LMS. You also get another big perk: you don’t have to pay for any updating or maintenance. All the updates you’ll ever need and all the maintenance that might be required will be done as part of the service you receive. It’s not an extra cost, and not something you need to remember to do. That can be quite a valuable benefit. You won’t have another fee or payment popping up, or another thing to add to your calendar that you have to remember to do.

#7 In-built analytics

Having analytics built right into the cloud-based LMS you choose means you can focus on doing what you do best. Then you can track how you and your learners are performing. With hosted systems you often don’t have that option. That can leave you guessing or using other types of analytic “add-on” programs. These might not provide you with all the information you really want and need. Analytics that are built in are more specific to the program than any options you could add on to track what you’re doing. They’ll give you more of the information you really need about your LMS, and how well anyone using it is performing.

#8 Mobile app

A mobile app is a great way to see information on the go, and to make sure you’re keeping up with your cloud-based LMS. With a hosted system you’re not going to get that kind of an app. That will leave you with more guesswork and a potential lack of understanding of what’s really taking place. Mobile apps mean you can see what’s going on with your LMS in real time. You can also take care of any questions or concerns faster and more efficiently. It’s an excellent way to improve the future of cloud-based LMS options.

With so many benefits to a cloud-based LMS, it’s not surprising that more people are moving towards using them. Hosted systems are still used, but their numbers are dwindling. People realize these seemingly pre-historic options can’t do what the cloud can do. Cost and reliability are big factors in the decision to switch, along with the latest in technology. Another popular reason for change includes the opportunity to have everything update as needed without having to remember to look for updates. You won’t need to perform maintenance or make other changes, either. Those all make cloud-based LMS a better choice.


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    1. True that! Cloud beats on-premise LMS in multiple ways. The former is the simplest and fastest way to take organizational learning online.

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