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Creating online tests for your learners has never been so easy, thanks to the new WizIQ Online Testing System. This improved testing system with a wide array of new features, provides educators like you all the tools you need to quickly, accurately and comprehensively evaluate the progress of learners. It enables you to create standalone tests or add tests to your online courses on WizIQ.

Some of the new Online Testing System features include:

Scheduled Tests

You can now plan your teaching activities better by scheduling tests well in advance. These scheduled tests activate and deactivate as per the schedule specified by you, allowing you to focus on other tasks.


Adding Test Questions

The new Online Testing System now allows you to add test questions to sections. A new rich-text editor has been introduced, which enables you to provide various types of answer choices, including mathematical equations, formulae, and images, just to name a few. Moreover, multiple text formatting options give you more flexibility while defining your answers.

Assignment of Scores

You can now assign a different score to each question or choose to give the same score to all test questions. Assigning a different score to every test question allows you to create test sections and questions with varying levels of difficulty. You also have an option of activating negative marking for a test.

Shuffle Option

The improved system allows you to create tests with the option of randomly shuffling test questions, sections and answers for each learner. This virtually obviates the need for proctoring a test. In other words, you don’t need to constantly monitor the learners if they are taking the test at same venue or location.

Detailed Scorecard

With a streamlined and transparent scoring process, the WizIQ Online Testing System allows the users to:

1. Get the detailed test scorecard with details such as:

  • Overall score

  • Section-wise score

  • Comparative score

  • Percentile score

  • Ranking

  • Questions attempted

  • Correct answers, and more…

2. Share test results through social media and email

Student-Test-Score-Evaluation-Screen.jpgTest Scorecard


Learners can get the details of their performance in each section, so they can focus on specific areas of study. They can also compare their results with the performance of their peers to see where they stand.

Customize Test Settings

You can now customize all your test settings from one place while creating the test. The user-friendly test creation interface allows you to define your settings with just a few clicks  (see image below).


So, check out the new WizIQ Online Testing System with its new features to experience a better and easier way of creating online tests. Create an online test now.

If you wish to provide feedback or need any assistance with using the WizIQ Online Testing System, send an email to

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