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If you browse through the history and evolution of online education and virtual learning environment, it is equivalent to travelling through time and marveling at all that humanity has achieved. From televised broadcast of distance education programs, to the inception of ARPANET, to the present day ideas of ‘schools in the cloud’, we have come a long way.

Moving from traditional face-to-face teaching to teaching online can be a precarious process for instructors. As such, teachers too have come a long way from teaching a single student (Private Tutoring Session) to teaching multitudes of learners (MOOCs).

Therefore, for a new-age online teacher, the biggest advantage, perhaps, would be to have the liberty to create courses online, of various types, on the same platform. And by types I mean anything from a MOOC to a public course to a private tutoring group. As of now, there is no other web-based platform that allows teachers to do this. But the new WizIQ does.

Welcome to the all new WizIQ Course Creation Wizard

START A PAID COURSE: A paid course, as the name suggests, is one that comes with a price tag. With this type of course, teachers can generate revenue and make profits. Setting up a paid course is easy, but requires prior planning and structuring.

All paid courses are listed on the WizIQ Learning Marketplace, which is a dynamic & interactive junction of teachers and learners. Learn more.

Here’s the catch of setting up a paid course:

1. You decide the content: If you have a subject matter expertise on any possible topic, you can create a course on WizIQ. It could be as bizarre as ‘Flying like a Superman’ or as detailed as ‘How to make an iPhone from scratch’; if you know the topic like the back of your hand, welcome to WizIQ!

decide the content

2. You decide the price: WizIQ charges a meager 10% service fee off of every transaction; the 90% is entirely your earning. So, it’s your call. Price it as low or as high as you want. We leave it to you!

types of courses

3. Forget about payment hassles: WizIQ collects all your payments for you, through it’s secure gateways. So, set up your course, price it right, and forget about the payments. We will deliver your hard-earned money into your account by 10th of every month.

4. We help you make your course better: All paid courses are screened by our team of experts, before publishing it on the WizIQ Learning Marketplace. So, we suggest you do your homework thoroughly.


CREATE A MOOC: A MOOC or a Massive Open Online Course is all the rage these days. For one, it’s free, which means anyone, anywhere, can take it without burning a hole in their pocket. Second, it’s online, which means if you are a lover of humanity and diversity, you might end up with students from all the 200 countries, in your course.

Creating a MOOC is easy (on WizIQ), but managing it requires great commitment and dedication. Make sure you tick these off your check-list before you decide to jump on the MOOC bandwagon. Nevertheless, MOOC-ing is both exciting and a great learning experience for the teacher too.

When you create a MOOC on WizIQ, you:

1. automatically access the 3.5 million student base of WizIQ, in addition to the rest of the world learners.

2. get a robust platform, tried and tested for hosting massive courses, with millions of students.

3. learn immensely from the community of teachers, who are already MOOC-ing on WizIQ.

NB: As with a paid course, a MOOC too goes through a review by our team of experts, before being made live on the Learning Marketplace.

SET UP A PRIVATE LEARNING GROUP: Public courses, especially MOOCs, can be at times overwhelming. So, if you are a teacher looking for some nice, quiet, private platform, where you can interact with a select group of learners, then we suggest you Set up a Private Learning Group.

A private learning group refers to a private course that teachers can create on WizIQ, for a private group of learners (invited by the teacher himself/herself). Teachers can invite the learners using their email addresses, wither from within the course setup page or from inside the course (i.e. course dashboard).

decide the content

Private courses can’t be sold through the WizIQ Learning Marketplace. These type of courses don’t go through any reviewing process, and the teacher can start teaching as soon as it is set up.

What’s Next?

Once you choose the course, the next step is to select the course type and mode of delivery. You can create either a live, instructor-led (synchronous) course with live classes, or a self-paced (asynchronous) course without live classes. The course content for live, instructor-led courses and self-paced courses is organized and delivered according to weeks and sections respectively.

types of courses

Live Instructor-led Courses, as the name suggests, consist of live, online classes for real-time collaboration between teacher and learner. In a synchronous course, teachers may or may not include any video lessons. The focus is on real-time, live online collaboration via the WizIQ Virtual Classroom.

Self-paced Courses, au contraire, are courses that are based on recorded video lectures. These lectures may be bite-sized videos or recordings of any previous WizIQ class. These are mostly self-paced and may or may not involve any live interaction with the teacher.

What’s in it for an online teacher?

Apart from offering optimum choices of course types and saving your time, the aim of improving the process of course creation is also to achieve greater levels of easy navigation and better course organization.

Understanding the dynamics of the e-learning sector and internet at large, as well as keeping in mind the importance of time, we wanted to make sure you plan, and plan well ahead; in an easily organized manner. Hence the new WizIQ.

All the Support you need

All said, we encourage you to try the new and upgraded WizIQ course creation. We greatly appreciate feedback, even if it is simple pat on the back. In any case, simply write to us at


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