No More Schools

Michael Strong on WizIQ Conversation (WC)
Michael Strong of Flow was a guest speaker at the WizIQ conversation (see my blog post). Michael gave a brilliant talk on how we can change the world. According to Michael, we are the solution. Michael views education in schools as ineffective and I totally agree with him. Things need to change and fast.

Future Education & Schools
The Future of Education: Creating Your Own Schools KnowledgeWorks Foundation says it all in the third edition of Forecast 3.0, Recombinant Education.

Schools are Keeping Us Dumb
Many people look back to school with distaste while others remember the good times they had with their friends. Were you satisfied with your school? I get the feeling that things are not changing because we like comfort. We seem to be clinging to schools as museum artifacts. However, teachers have a choice. They can now go online and teach on their own. In fact, teachers can develop their own courses and schools.

Online Teaching
After teaching English as a second and foreign language in high school and higher education for over 30 years, I was lucky to get involved with computer assisted language learning. I took my PhD online and fell in love with teaching online. I took my face-to-face students online and started a blended learning program without the schools’ blessings. I just did it. I opened the door and came online. You can do the same.

WizIQ Education Online
In 2007, I discovered WizIQ and both my personal and professional life changed. I can continue learning and teaching through WizIQ. I create courses, add content, and give live online classes. I also organize free online conferences such as the annual Connecting Online (CO09-CO13) and the annual Moodlemoot (MMVC11-MMVC13). There’s an incredible satisfaction in teaching though a method that works and WizIQ works.

WizIQ, Online learning



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