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Online Academy: Your Brand, Your Website

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We all like to own stuff. This primordial instinct reflects in big and small situations and things. Online education is no stranger to this phenomenon. Every educator aims to add a distinct identity or character to his or her brand and own it.

At WizIQ, we recognized this need and launched the Online Academy, a complete solution for your teaching and training needs, which gives you absolute control and ownership of your brand and enterprise. Online Academy is for everyone – you could be the owner of a teaching organization with multiple teachers, an individual teacher, or simply someone who has just started exploring the online education space.

Whatever your motivation or reasons, online academy provides you with the right platform and tools to build your own academy and scale up operations as your online presence grows. It’s one complete solution which obviates the need for different teaching solutions.

Here are some reasons why you should build your own Online Academy:

Integrated solution with multiple features:

When you opt for online academy solution, you have everything you need to create a strong online presence from the outset. In short, you don’t have to scamper around and look for different teaching solutions as your teaching needs change with time. With online academy, you can deliver live, self-paced, or blended learning using online courses, live classes, online tests, assignments, and other features.

Highly scalable & customizable:

It doesn’t matter where you are starting, you can build your online academy from the ground up with WizIQ. Individual teachers can kick-start their online teaching business in an organized manner and add more teachers to their academy as they go along. Organizations, on the other hand, can add as many teachers to their academy as they want from the moment when they build the academy. Both individual teachers and organizations can provide a unique, and enriching experience to their learners. Add customization options, such as sub-domain, custom logo, themes, and HTML & CSS editors to it, and you practically have an online academy that’s like none other.

Simple & flexible pricing:

With flexible and simple pricing, there is an online academy plan that suits every budget. You can test drive the online academy using the Free plan and then upgrade to Premium or Enterprise plan based on your business requirements and budget. No hidden costs. What you see is what you get.

Mobile learning:

As more and more content is being consumed on mobile devices, mobile learning is arguably the way forward for online education. Online Academy brings m-learning to your learners who can access your online academy on their mobile devices using WizIQ Apps for Android and iOS. The WizIQ Apps allow learners of your academy to access your instructional content anytime, anywhere. With Online Academy, learning never stops.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

The total cost of ownership of your online academy is limited to your subscription plan. You don’t need to worry about maintaining expensive IT infrastructure and engaging an IT team to maintain it. WizIQ does that for you so that you can focus on education.

24X7 technical support:

With a dedicated Support Team providing round-the-clock support, learning and teaching activities can be carried out seamlessly.

You can build your online academy within minutes. Your online academy is an exclusive space that can be accessed only by you and your learners. It’s something that’ll make your learners sit up and take notice. It’s a differentiator that’ll help you expand and stand out in the crowd.

Claim your Online Academy now!

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