Online Classes or, How I learned my school was doing them wrong (Part 1)

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To reside in the campus or to commute?

At my university, it’s been said time and time again that our student population is half residential and half commuter. Every time I hear this, I think the chances of our population being split right down the middle like that are very low. Before I applied to any schools, many people told me to go live on a campus, because if I didn’t then I wouldn’t get the college experience and I would regret it later in my life. The only aspect of college life that I was going to regret was the amount of money it costs to live on a campus.

So, I decided to be a commuter…

There was no reason not to be one. My university is only a rough half an hour drive from my house and most of my school days last approximately 4 hours, so commuting seemed like a natural choice. At our orientation, one thing was pounded into our heads multiple times: “Just because you’re a commuter, doesn’t mean that you are excluded from any activities on campus! You can participate in anything you want!” That was cool and all, but I’m going to college for an education, not to watch people from Sigma Sigma Sigma wrestle each other in pudding.

To this day, I’m still questioned about why I don’t want to have the full college experience. Truthfully though, I think everyone has his or her own definition of that phrase. What really constitutes an “experience?” For some, it’s partaking in thirsty Thursday every day of the week. For me, it’s driving to school a couple days a week, going to class, then going home and starting my online classes. For others, it’s just strictly online classes.

I have my reasons not stay in the campus…

I’d argue that one who does a strictly online degree is getting the best education out of all college educations. Living on a college campus, there are way too many distractions surrounding you and hardly enough motivators to do schoolwork. When you commute, there are times when you get home and don’t want to do more work, but if you sit down for a couple hours and know that you can do whatever you want afterwards, then the motivation does exist.

An online college campus requires far more concentration, sophistication, and motivation all of which a drunk college student does not have. As I’ve mentioned multiple times, online classes can be far more engaging than regular classrooms. Online classrooms can take place on the comfort of your bed instead of on hard plastic chairs. Online classrooms allow participation without the nerve-racking raising of your hand.

So, who’s to say that you don’t really go to college unless you live on campus?

Weren’t universities originally founded to allow young adults to further expand their knowledge past what they already knew? Living on campus takes this away, unless you plan on majoring in parties. Companies like WizIQ are here to deal with this problem. Say you log onto WizIQ for a 2-hour class. You can watch your professor lecture and then you can type answers to his questions in real time, you can interact with fellow classmates, but most importantly…you don’t have to go to class at 8am and hung-over.

Soon “Online classes” would be considered as a normal college experience…

Online classes, while often significantly harder to take and keep up with given the need for discipline and self-motivation, are soon going to be considered as normal a “college experience” as beer pong on a Friday night. In fact, it seems likely that people will be pushing their kids and friends to go the online route within a couple years instead of giving them a hard time about the “experience” they’re missing. Take the University of Phoenix, for example. I had never once heard of the possibilities of online teaching and then all of a sudden I hear about this University that’s completely online, fully accredited, and you can get just as good as a job as if you earned a degree at a regular university. Now, it’s a rare university that doesn’t at least offer some of its courses online. Looks like a whole lot of people will be choosing to miss out on experiences in the next few years as more and more of them earn their degrees online.

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