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When Online English Learning met WizIQ Virtual Classroom

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Back in 2002, when Matt created his website,, and started sharing teaching material, he was driven by a mission; a mission to teach English to people all over the world. He started giving all the teaching material (worksheets, books, mp3 files, videos, a picture dictionary, and free online classes on WizIQ) and resources for free and has since maintained the tradition.

With a vast experience in teaching EFL and ESOL to teenagers and adults, Matt Purland takes pride in being a caring, patient and learner-focused teacher. With the help of his lively and dynamic website, Matt continues to cater to online English learning needs of his students worldwide.

Matt came across WizIQ by chance and instantly fell in love with the concept. WizIQ LMS and Virtual Classroom was able to give Matt the kind of scalability he desired in order to reach a larger audience and spread his network through his website. With the highly affordable plans at WizIQ, Matt was able to boost his online teaching position. He not only reached more students but also met teachers like himself.

Matt appreciates that WizIQ:

• Encourages teachers to promote their own sites and their own businesses.

• Is affordable

• Allows him to practice his online teaching skills and become a better teacher

• Is responsive to his suggestions for how WizIQ can improve the platform

Matt says,

“It is still incredible to believe that I’m there in a classroom where one student is from Morocco, one is from Chile, one is from Japan, one is from Russia, and another is from Mexico – all at the same time – that we can interact, speak, and learn together. I never lose sight of the fact that it is like a miracle, that such disparate people – who could never possibly have met before – can come together and be friends!”

Like Matt, you too can discover a whole new dimension of teaching, with WizIQ. Why wait when you can get online and get teaching. To read Matt’s success story, download the free case study.


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