Is Online Learning the Solution to Dropping Grades? Yes, it is!

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Take note of these figures:

  • Two out of three eighth-graders, can’t read proficiently. (NAEP, 2011)
  • Nearly two-thirds of eighth-graders scored below proficient in math. (NAEP, 2011)
  • Seventy-five percent of students are not proficient in civics. (NAEP, 2011)
  • Nearly three out of four, eighth and 12th-grade students, cannot write proficiently. (NAEP, 2012)
  • Some 1.1 million American students drop out of school every year. (EPE, 2012)

The following stats taken from The Broad Foundation- Education paint a grim picture of the public education system in the US.

What’s the solution to dropping grades? Students need personal attention and support beyond the classroom. Although teachers seem to be stretching themselves to give extra attention to each student, they are helpless due to technological and time constraints.

Several schools have now taken the e-Learning route to take learning beyond the physical classroom and supplement classroom learning with online tutoring. Grade Results, an online tutoring company, for instance is closely working with 80+ schools across US and giving one-to-one online tutoring to students via the WizIQ Virtual Classroom.

They are currently conducting 1500 live, virtual classes on the WizIQ Virtual Classroom and their efforts have attracted more than 30,000 students across the US. The results are remarkable:

  • 90% graduation rate
  • 56% gain in students’ performance

How Online Learning is Helping Improve Grades

  • Puts focus on problem areas: Students are falling behind in subjects like maths, language arts, sciences, etc. Taking online classes is helping these students concentrate on their weak areas and take help from instructors in completing assignments and homework.
  • Makes one-to-one live instruction possible: Students, who are shy in class and afraid to ask questions thinking other students might find them dumb, face no such hesitation in a live, virtual class where only the instructor is present. Grade Results, for instance, is using the WizIQ Virtual Classroom to give one-to-one tutoring services to such students.
  • Provides opportunity to learn in groups: Students from different schools and parts of country are coming together on one platform, thanks to a live online class. Text chatting in real time with other students creates a whole new learning experience which goes beyond the curriculum.

How Grade Results Is Using Online Teaching Services

Grade Results was looking for a robust technology partner to provide enriched online learning experiences to students. “Technology use in schools often does not match the way students use technology in their personal lives. It is important that we reach students with a medium they understand and a product that is effective,” says Terry Gilligan, who is leading the expansion effort for Grade Results in Boston and surrounding New England areas.

They found the solution in WizIQ Virtual Classroom, which has been consistently honoured with the ‘Best Virtual Classroom’ award by different award giving organizations. They even found that WizIQ’s Virtual Classroom could be easily integrated into their website. Students were thus able to take live classes on their website, without having to go to WizIQ. The classroom could be even co-branded or white-labelled to suit the company’s branding needs.

Grade Results started offering K-12 courses on different subjects like algebra, language arts, science, social studies, etc. In addition, Grade Results provides college entry exam prep, and a full range of college courses.

All courses and curriculum are developed and taught by advanced-degreed instructors via a live online whiteboard classroom where students work one-on-one with the instructor.

What WizIQ Virtual Classroom Lets Teachers & Students Do

WizIQ Virtual Classroom creates the perfect learning environment for the teacher as well as the students, thanks to its powerful features. Grade Results’ instructors and students enjoyed the following features of virtual classroom the most:

  • Live Text/Audio/Video Chat: WizIQ Virtual Classroom enables live text chat among teachers and students and among students themselves. This helped Grade Results’ instructors ensure that students understood the topic before moving further. If students faced trouble understanding something, they could raise a hand or ask a question via chat box. The virtual classroom also enables instructors to allow audio or video chat in the live class, if need arises.
  • Write & Draw on Whiteboard: The whiteboard in the virtual class offers all the tools needed to thoroughly demonstrate any lesson, including:
    • Pen tool: to draw and write on the whiteboard
    • Text tool: to type alpha-numeric characters on the whiteboard
    • Shapes tool: to draw shapes like cones, cube, pentagon, etc.
    • Graph tool: to draw graphs
  • Perform Advanced Mathematical Calculations: More than 50% of the sessions at Grade Results are for Mathematics. WizIQ Virtual Classroom allowed instructors to perform basic to advanced calculations by using math symbols, graphs, grid tools on the whiteboard.
  • Display Content from Content Library: All content files uploaded to WizIQ Content Library can be easily accessed in the live classroom. Whether it’s a Word document, a PowerPoint presentation, an audio or a video file, it can be easily accessed and displayed in the virtual class. Teachers can open multiple whiteboards at a time to display different content and switch among them easily.
  • Play Audio/Video on Built-In Media Player: WizIQ Virtual Classroom has a built-in Media Player that allows teachers to play audio and video files in the live class. YouTube videos too can be played in the class by adding the video link.
  • Conduct Polls: Teachers can prepare questions with multiple choice answers beforehand and publish them in the virtual class. Students can answer the questions and teachers can see the poll results instantaneously. Grade Results used the Polls feature in their training sessions for teachers to take feedback and suggestions.

Results With Online Learning

Grade Results is today serving around 80+ schools across US and 30,000 students for their online tutoring needs. They work with public, private, charter and alternative schools, as well as community colleges and universities to help them increase achievement in all academic areas.

Currently, they are conducting 1500 live, online classes every month via the WizIQ Virtual Classroom. More than 75 advanced-degree instructors are catering students based in different locations.

Grade Results online tutoring efforts have resulted in 56% gains in students’ performance and 90% graduation rate. They are close to realizing their mission: To improve student performance, one student at a time. They are helping US education system to resolve the crisis of dropping grades in their own little but meaningful way. WizIQ is helping them in that mission.

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