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If you are a parent, discussing sexuality with kids can be a ‘bit’ embarrassing.

You seem to keep mulling over how to do it:

“When should I start talking about sex? What is appropriate? How many details would they need?

If I talk to my teen about sex and smart choices, they may go out and start doing it! I don’t want to stir up an issue they don’t seem interested in.

It’s too late. They’ve already started having sex.”

And so, adolescents end up closing the communication gap with information from internet, pornography, and peers which may be grossly twisted. What to do? Agreed that teens might find it equally uncomfortable to discuss sex matters with their parents but this is the time they find safety in boundaries. Luckily for parents, there are organizations that specialize in providing healthy sex education to teens. One such organization is Youth Wellbeing Project and they are successfully leveraging the online medium to motivate teens to open up about these matters and seek expert guidance.

Youth Wellbeing Project are delivering free online classes and webinars via the WizIQ Virtual Classroom. Their online initiative has drawn learners from across the world giving the much needed valuable advice to teens and relief to parents. Here’s how they started and achieved success in their initiative:

SexEdOnline: How it all started

Liz Walker, educator, mom, teen life coach and presenter, founded this grassroots community organization in 2008 and started delivering healthy sex education programs in local Brisbane High Schools in 2009. With the help of many volunteers and part-time team members, Liz launched youth program Get A GRIP teenz in 2011. The program aimed to “empower teens to make smart choices” and frankly discuss issues such as “sexting‟, experimental drugs, alcohol and pornography use, teen pregnancy, “sleeping around‟, STIs, unsafe party cultures, poor self-image and sexual integrity. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

Spurred by the success of their programmes, the team successfully launched SexEdOnline in 2014 delivering workshops and webinars across Australia and in New Zealand.

Expanding horizons via online classes

The potential audience for this kind of program was ginormous. Youth around the world and across all cultures face challenges in dealing with their lives and sexuality, often with little or no guidance from adults. However, Liz Walker could reach out to only a bunch of youths through face-to-face seminars and workshops. Moreover, other business and family commitments limited the number of seminars Liz could hold in a year, especially those away from her hometown in Australia.

Liz decided to go in for an effective online education platform to reach a wider audience, both in her country and worldwide. She wanted the openness and mutual interaction characteristic of her offline workshops in her online webinars as well.  At the same time, though, because the Youth Wellbeing Project covers sensitive, often emotional topics, it was equally important to find an online learning platform that enabled private interactions as well. After extensive research, she chose WizIQ as their technology partner. Here’s why:

How WizIQ Helped Youth Wellbeing Project in Creating the Perfect Learning Environment Online

Liz chose WizIQ’s eLearning platform to reach millions of youngsters across the world. There has been no looking back since then. Right from engaging webinars to participating in MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses), Youth Wellbeing Project has become truly a global platform. She runs her #SexEdOnline courses on WizIQ and delivers live, online classes via the WizIQ Virtual Classroom, the best in industry.

Their free classes run about 2 times per year and are great for anyone, including parents, interested in understanding the culture young people are immersed in. You can sign up to #SexEdOnline free classes to receive notification of when upcoming classes will be held.

Liz and her team love WizIQ’s virtual classroom because of its ecosystem of features, especially:

  • Private chatting: For a topic as sensitive and personal as sexuality, Youth Wellbeing Project teachers need to speak privately with individuals when needed. They can easily do that with private chatting feature.
  • Simultaneous video chats: Presenters at Youth Wellbeing Project events can enjoy six simultaneous video chats, as well as engage in audio and text chat with the entire group or specific individuals.
  • Play YouTube videos in class: Youngsters love YouTube. Liz Walker often employs YouTube videos to engage youngsters in her class. She is easily able to play YouTube videos via an in-built Media Player in the virtual classroom. This works well to showcase media and sexuality, representation of men and women in advertising, sex objectification of women, hyper-masculine stereotypes and its effect on boys, etc. This feature helps Liz make young boys and girls aware of stereotypes and help break them.
  • Use Content Library to display diverse content files: With WizIQ, Youth Wellbeing Project can host effective webinars with the same quality as live seminars. Liz and her teachers are able to integrate HD videos, PowerPoint presentations, and other file types into online sessions, and can also engage in one-on-one chats with audience members
  • Generate reports: With WizIQ’s Reports feature, Youth Wellbeing Project is able to generate detailed reports on how many people registered, attended, and interacted in the webinars, which helps them better plan for the future.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices: WizIQ is compatible with the latest iOS and Android devices, making on-the-go learning easy. Using WizIQ, Youth Wellbeing Project courses and webinars are available to audiences on smartphones and tablets, enabling attendees to join the webinars and courses from anywhere and helping increase the organization’s reach.
  • Seamless integration with Moodle:  WizIQ offers easy and seamless integration of WizIQ with Moodle and other learning and course management systems. Although the Youth Wellbeing Project had been using Moodle to provide comprehensive courses on their website, the limitations of the platform inhibited some of the additional content that Liz wanted to provide. Using WizIQ, however, Liz was able to run her basic courses on Moodle and supplement them with additional content presented through WizIQ’s robust platform, helping teachers and learners avoid the hassle of moving from one platform to another.

With organizations like Youth Wellbeing Project and youth-friendly online learning solutions like WizIQ, online sex education is becoming popular with each passing day.

If you are an organization looking to reach out to a global audience and deliver live online classes, WizIQ Virtual Classroom is the solution you are looking for. WizIQ even lets you publish your course on WizIQ Learning Marketplace where around 4 million WizIQ learners can search and enrol in your course.

You can request for a demo by writing to or request for a 14-day free trial by contacting or by clicking the link below.

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