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Open Education Week Around the World
Open Education Week (OEW) is for everyone around the world. It is not only limited to the United States.  The message from Mr. Duncan may seem that it’s only about the US but open education and open education week is for anyone who wishes to learn about and share content freely.

Experiences with Open Education Resources
I have been involved in free open education through the WebQuests I created and shared, through the free Moodle courses (see Youtube videos) I have been giving since 2003, and through Wikieducator.  I share free open content through online and face-to-face conferences worldwide. I facilitate on how to collaborate, create and share open education resources through the live online classes and online courses I give on WizIQ.

What are  Open Education Resource (OER)
Here’s a rap song by youngsters from a high school class in the USA on Open Education Resource (OER). New single “Open Education Resource” by Smashing Cameras. This was an entry in the Why Open Education Matters video competition.

Present on Open Education Week
Share your experiences with open education, collaborative learning, and open education resources. You are invited to present on open education week on WizIQ. Please respond to this blog post to share your experiences and contact me for further information on how to present during the week of March 11-18, 2013.

Open Education Week on WizIQ

Learn about Wikieducator and the Open Education Resources and the Open Education Resource University and how you can get involved. You are invited to enroll in the free online course on WizIQ free education online. Participants of the course will learn about Open Education Resources (OER), where to find them, how to create their own OER, and where to share them.

Guest Speakers at OEW on WizIQ

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