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Better Video Streaming on WizIQ: Watching Course Videos Just Got Funner

The use of videos in your asynchronous course (an online course without live classes) can be a great teaching resource or aid, helping  teachers strike a chord with their learners and drive the point home. Videos are fun to watch and the information conveyed through them is easy to consume, thereby  grabbing your learners’ attention. They can be an effective way of making an online course engaging enough to drive away monotony and boredom.

We, at, WizIQ realize the importance of course videos for teachers.  In order to use video content in your course, teachers need to first upload videos to WizIQ. The videos then become part of the courseware and can be accessed or streamed by the course learners.  But, sometimes, videos uploaded by you take a long time to stream because of user’s low Internet bandwidth, thereby affecting the user experience adversely.

To make video streaming seamless and achieve a consistent and better user experience on WizIQ, irrespective of user’s Internet bandwidth and location,  we recently optimized the video streaming feature. The upgrade allows the video quality to automatically switch between High, Medium and Low, based on user’s Internet bandwidth. For instance, if the Internet bandwidth is low, the video will play in the Low quality video mode. However, the good part is that video streaming will now be seamless, allowing the user to access the video content without any interruption.

After we optimized video streaming on WizIQ, the results were encouraging.

37% users watching videos on WizIQ are being automatically switched from Low quality video mode to Medium or High quality video mode. In addition, 75% users are now watching videos in Medium or High quality video mode.

It is important to mention here that video streaming has been optimized for only the asynchronous video content on WizIQ. This upgrade doesn’t affect the video content which is played in the WizIQ Virtual Classroom. Optimized video streaming in the WizIQ Virtual Classroom will be introduced soon.

You now have a better reason to post videos on WizIQ.  We are sure that you and your course learners will  now enjoy viewing high quality videos on WizIQ without any break with optimized video streaming.

If you have any questions about optimized video streaming, or wish to provide feedback, write to us at

Happy Streaming!


Credits: This post is co-written by Ajay Verma.


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