Play-Based Approaches to Teaching English Through Action Songs

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Teaching English through action songs is one of the most effective ways to help learners pick up the language quickly. Also entertaining and engaging.

So, how to go about it? Here:

  1. Choose a couple of simple and easily comprehensible English songs.
  2. Spend some time choreographing.
  3. Play songs during your session and allow learners to be in the moment.
  4. Direct them to follow you and repeat the actions.
  5. Repeat the songs multiple times, so that they pick up the words and sentences.

Easier said than done! Isn’t it?

It’s as easy to do as it sounds. Charles Goodger can help you in this. The musician and writer is going to share best practices in this specific field of education.

Play-based approach to teaching English

For over 20 years Charles has been writing action song-based material and his songs are downloaded, taught and sung by children in ELT classes in over 125 countries. Charles has written songs ranging from

  • animals and colours  
  • sports
  • climate change
  • respect and
  • identity. 

In this entertaining  session which will include a Q&A, Charles will first demonstrate with practical examples and videos  how to present a new language and vocabulary through catchy original action songs and then go on to suggest how this new fertile new resource can be recycled, exploited and integrated into your course through  a series of graded word games and  collective tasks.

Not only will it be educating but entertaining. You will gain some quick tips on how to make English language learning simple and entertaining for your learners. The best part is – you will be able to easily implement those tips.

Teaching English doesn’t have to be difficult. If you want to know how you can integrate play-based English teaching techniques in your sessions, click on ‘View Recording’ button to watch a recorded session where Charles shares best practices on how to teach English through action songs.




Charles Goodger

Charles Goodger is the founder of FunSongs Education and an English teacher, coursebook writer, teacher trainer, composer and entrepreneur. He has been a plenary speaker at international ELT conferences and held workshops and seminars in China, India, Lithuania, Russia, Latvia, France, Germany, Italy, Estonia, Israel, Spain and England.

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