The Magical Possibilities of Learning Management Systems

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Challenges are a part of life, some of which can have a drastic impact on a large number of people if not overcome in time.

Take for example, a young student returning home after work, via public transport. A fairly common activity across the world. As are the concerns that come with it.

Now, imagine the student logging in from the college library to check the bus schedule and selecting the pickup spot, destination and the time of boarding. The transport authorities receive the request and update the appointed driver’s schedule with the new passenger’s request. Fifteen minutes before the bus arrives, the student pulls out a smartphone to respond to an alert indicating that the bus is almost there.

On the way back, the bus experiences some unexpected engine trouble and the driver pulls over. However, instead of feeling worried, the student sees the driver on video-conference with the transport administration. The administrator is not worried since the driver is reporting in as per the necessary rules and regulations set by the authorities, just like any competent employee should and informs the repair team to be dispatched .

The driver ends the conference call, setting out to prepare the bus for repairs till the repair team arrives. The seemingly-stranded student pulls out the smartphone to receive a notification saying that an alternative travel arrangement via taxi has been made to the destination, all within the span of a few minutes. The student smiles and swipes on the phone screen, returning to the online lecture in progress on the smartphone.

Many a cynic would scoff at this all-too-perfect situation, but the truth is, learning management systems are bringing this idea closer to reality than ever. Learning management systems might have been considered exclusive to corporate and academic organizations but now their role in our lives is slowly and surely growing.

In the above example, the transport authorities could maintain complete accountability of their driver, the bus schedule and address contingencies instantly with the right LMS connecting them. The student in the meantime could continue attending classes during the commute, making good use of the available time without having to worry about a concern like transport issues getting in the way.

Across industries, integrating learning management systems promises greater efficiency, transparency and accountability. The applicability of these systems however, is confined only to the imagination. These systems allow for the development of learning environments to help deliver information as well as facilitate other functions like business operations, notifications, employee assessment and real-time, interactive feedback.



The modern learning management system offers the possibility of more and more options towards improving our lives through all its applications with each passing day. A well designed LMS can cater to the requirements of a number of people across business disciplines, as you can see in the above (rather simplified) figure.

More and more organizations are learning the importance of having a fully-featured LMS to improve the quality of their employees and the delivery of their services, be it in IT, healthcare, transportation, corporates, academics or any other business verticals.

By continuously improving their services to meet their full potential through these systems, organizations can not only work towards increasing their profits, but can also create a much-needed positive impact on everybody who uses these services as well.

To see the possibilities for yourself, sign up a free trial of the WizIQ LMS today and watch the magic unfold at your fingertips. For now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s getting a little late, and I have a bus to catch.
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