Raising the Bar with Assistive Technology on November 9: IAATE and WizIQ

Education & Technology Product Spotlight Using WizIQ

IAATEThere are over 100 million people with disabilities living in India today. The India America Assistive Technology Exchange is a small step towards sharing AT experience and expertise that will increase awareness, provide access and ultimately impact the quality of life for so many people, families and communities throughout India. Hosted by the India America Assistive Technology Exchange (IAATE), this inaugural event is part of an online at Forum series designed to identify, explore and develop alternate Assistive Technology Service Delivery models that can be replicated and scaled across a diverse range of urban and rural settings throughout India.

IAATE brings together a wide range of experience and expertise. IAATE partners meet bimonthly online to discuss, share and explore a wide range of topics related to the accessible, practical and cultural applications of assistive technology. A primary goal of IAATE will be to develop flexible and adaptable AT Service Delivery Models that are replicable and scalable across both urban and rural settings throughout India.

This time, the IAATE is being conducted via WizIQ Virtual Classroom. The recently added Section 508-compliant features of the Virtual Classroom and WizIQ’s belief of creating equal opportunities for all individuals and giving them a level playing field are ideally in sync with the vision of IAATE.

IAATE: Raising the Bar
Saturday, November 9
10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon (IST)
Access to IAATE Virtual Classroom


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