Real English® is coming to WizIQ

real english

Mike Marzio is a pioneer, both in creating video to teach English and in using the Internet to reach learners worldwide. As he continues to build and grow his Real English® empire, he’ll be teaming up with me to offer webinars and courses on WizIQ.

On October 14, Mike will travel to Atlanta and Miami Beach to shoot new footage for his website. As a long-time fan of Real English®, I can’t wait to see the video lessons that come out of it!

Be sure to visit and subscribe to the Real English® YouTube channel and follow Mike and his team on their Facebook page (where they’ll reach 100,000 members any day now).

Last but not least, please check out this interview I did with Mike when I visited him last month at his home in the South of France. And remember: There’s SO much we can DO in WizIQ!


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