A recap on the exciting opening ceremony of the MOODLE MOOC on WizIQ

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The opening ceremony of the MOODLE MOOC on WizIQ, hosted by Dr. Nellie Deutsch, and featuring special guest, Martin Dougiamas, founder of Moodle, was launched with great excitement on Friday, May 31st.

We enjoyed wonderful presentations, a dynamic attendee presence, and a sleek virtual broadcasting experience. A beautiful video introduced the MOODLE MOOC concept in clear visual style and we were delighted to see Fluency MC, Entertainment Ambassador for WizIQ, greet everyone in creative RAP-style flow.

Martin Dougiamas
It was a pleasure to learn from THE Moodle expert, Martin Dougiamas, while experiencing the smooth operations of the virtual classroom which powered along effortlessly despite the weight of 279 attendees (out of a total of 1660 enrollments) worldwide. There were six video cameras turned on to introduce the panel of experts who had agreed to take us through the amazing MOODLE MOOC.

Moodle is a dynamic learning management system that allows students, teachers, classes, courses and universities to manage and track their courses and students online. It’s a multi-media learning space that can act like a website or a fully-fledged classroom with Moodle virtual classroom plugin and anything else you might need.

Moodle is a teacher-led, free LMS that takes some time to learn, which is why this amazing MOOC course presents a wonderful opportunity for teachers everywhere to learn from the expert users and creators of Moodle.

MOOC, if you haven’t learned already, stands for Massive Open Online Course. All attendees following the MOODLE MOOC are now experiencing the massive learning experience for themselves.

The opening event attracted academic attendees from universities around the world, school teachers, and freelance online teachers. It was apparent that educators from all walks of life were excited to be there. Some attendees were professional Moodle users, some were well-acquainted with the LMS and wanted to learn more. There were also many beginners who were curious about Moodle and the MOOC concept. In addition, there were many teacher friends from Facebook and colleagues from Linkedin attending, and there was a great atmosphere of camaraderie and sharing in the chat box.

Powered by Teachers for Teachers
Martin Dougiamas explained what Moodle is, and how it can be used, with the enthusiasm and professionalism that only a scientist and creator can convey. It was clear that Martin had the interests of teachers in mind and that teachers are the soul of Moodle. It is powered by teachers for teachers.

Moodle Vision and Future Technology Integrations
I was particularly interested in his descriptions of upgrades, improvements and future vision of Moodle. Martin Dougiamas explained new features that have been added to the current 2.5 and those that would be coming out in Moodle 2.6 in some detail, with a lot of emphasis on making Moodle compatible with mobile technologies.

Martin emphasized the importance of integration of diverse technologies into one system such as moodle to make course management easier, and he also expressed enthusiasm for the growth of massive online courses in future. He gave his own Moodle community as an example of a MOOC and stressed the power of the community and collaborative learning.

Chat Box
There were many questions from the chat box; in fact the chat box was flying off the radar. Martin kept up admirably with most questions, and further questions are being answered now via the course feed and through the duration of the course over the next few weeks.

After the feast of expert information, we were ready for intelligent entertainment.

Moodle MOOC Opening Ceremony with Mr. Fluency MC

Fluency MC entertains with energetic rhyme and rhythm that delights the senses through a poetic combination of word and sound that gives you a whole-brain work- out. Fluency MC certainly surpassed himself with the amazing lyrics and live performance of his new RAP song, called Engage (on the world stage!), which he wrote especially for the MOODLE MOOC initiative.

Personally speaking, I’m thinking of embedding a Fluency MC jukebox into my Moodle courses. That’s very easy to do with YouTube block plugins.

Here’s to a wonderful few weeks learning about Moodle and MOOCs from top experts around the world. Huge thanks to Dr. Nellie Deutsch for making it all happen, and I look forward to learning more with friends and colleagues around the world.

To quote Fluency MC ~

‘There’s so much we can do in WizIQ’!!

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