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Repetition is Boring: Schedule a live Class once and never do it again!

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Save Time & Effort: Deliver a Permanent Class Anytime

We live in a busy world where almost everyone is hard pressed for time. Today’s educators are no stranger to this busyness of life. It reflects in their routine as they juggle stuff — live classes, online courses, discussions, and more — and try to fit everything into one helluva tight schedule. But, every now and then, something comes along that makes this busyness a little less busy.

At WizIQ, we understand your need for a breather and the fact that small things can make a big difference. To this end, we have introduced the Permanent Class feature, which allows you to have some respite from your crazy schedule.

Schedule a Permanent Class once, and it stays forever unless you cancel it. Want to conduct a live class on the spur of the moment? A class that’s not part of your teaching schedule. No problem! Simply launch a Permanent Class and find yourself among your learners. It’s as easy as a pie!

Using a Permanent Class, you can deliver a live class anytime without scheduling it (or thinking twice). Imagine a situation where you want to urgently explain a concept to your learners or help them solve a problem, but you don’t have a live class scheduled for that purpose and time. Now you can say goodbye to those anxious, nail-biting moments. Permanent Class comes to your rescue. Once you schedule a Permanent Class, it’s always there, allowing you to deliver live classes at the drop of a hat.

Here’s how you schedule a Permanent Class:

• Log in to your WizIQ account
• Go to Schedule a Class page, select the Permanent class option (see image below) and provide details about your class. And you are good to go!

It’s important to mention here that learners are able to join a Permanent Class only when you are in the class.


Permanent Class

How it Works

Every time you launch a Permanent Class, a new live class is created and launched with the same attributes as any other live class that you might have delivered earlier. Your Permanent Class is displayed under the Live and Upcoming Classes on the Classes page. In case you cancel a Permanent Class, all the live classes linked to that Permanent Class are moved to Past Classes.

Moreover, the settings of a Permanent Class can be edited from the class information page (see image below). You can also launch the class from this page and share the class link with your learners through email and across Social Media.


Class Information Page

The Permanent Class feature is also available to users who have integrated WizIQ with their Learning Management Systems (LMS) using APIs. To know more, click here.

Permanent Class is a Premium feature. If you are not a Premium WizIQ user, you can upgrade to WizIQ Premium membership to access this feature now.

It’s time to be smarter, free up your time and reduce unwanted effort. It’s time to schedule a Permanent Class. Most importantly, do not forget to tell your learners about it.

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