Why Does Rich Kiker Want Teachers to ‘Move Fast’?


The world is changing every moment.  Education and technology are entwined more than ever before. We are aboard an expressway.

As engaging teaching practices evolve more rapidly, the edu tools that exist today could very well be gone tomorrow. How can online teachers keep up?

Google’s technology in search and analytics is unmatched. When it decides to enter the education arena, we should take notice. Google Apps for Education are only 8 years old, but have they have moved fast and broken things!

Recently I spoke to Rich Kiker, the top-rated Google Education Trainer in the world.

Rich is

  • Consultant on Google tools, Chromebook deployment, e-learning design, inquiry design, 1:1 feasibility and sustainability, career pathway development, and technical academy design
  • eLearning author at Google Education and Social Influencer for Google Enterprise team
  • Education evangelist and online instructor for Google Tools and Chromebooks at CDWG, Educational Collaborators, Promevo, and Eduspire
  • LMS and curriculum designer, graduate instructor for Moodle-based, online, graduate courses approved by the PA Department of Education at multiple institutions

(Source: LinkedIn)

In this interview, Rich provides us with fascinating insight into his work and the world of Google Tools, topics he will address in his upcoming free webinar on WizIQ.

  • Where do Google tools stand amidst the sea of other online education tools in the e learning arena? 

The Google EDU ecosystem is a diverse but central tool set that is often underutilized by schools. As far as density, I believe Google EDU is the most complete of connected learning tools on the web.

  • What is your personal mission when it comes to teaching with technology? What is it that you wish to achieve?

My mission has always been to help create more engaging learning processes to empower teachers and help students develop a flexible set of competencies. We want students to be gritty, empathetic, and agile so that they can flex in and out of roles while leading happy, healthy lives. Technology can be one conduit to develop these skillsets.

  • What’s your favorite Google tool for education? And why?

It’s impossible to answer. But I will say that one of my favorites right now is Made With Code where young ladies can get immersed in coding and see how it is important in their lives. Even more, it is a career path where young women are needed!

  • What is the future of online education? Where do you see it 5 years down the line?

It is too rapid to tell, but it seems to me that the level of interactivity and immersive experiences will start to provide opportunities we have never seen before. Augmented reality, the availability of global broadband, and other connectivity improvements is going to connect minds all over the world like neighbors. This makes me extremely excited.

  • Are there any limitations to teaching with Google technology?

The only limitations with the these tools is time for the user to create. I have amazing teachers everyday telling me the incredible things they are doing with Street View, Drive, Google Classroom, Chromebooks, Chrome Experiments, and more – It blows my mind. I love hearing their stories because I know what their students must be experiencing.

  • What advice do you have for new and experienced online teachers?

Move fast. The more we wait the great disadvantage our students have. Find meaningful experience and get students heavily saturated in these opportunities for discovery.

Rich Kiker will do a free webinar on WizIQ, Monday, November 24 at 4pm UTC. Join him as he walks you through the new and latest from Google EDU.


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