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I have one word to say to all those who are thinking about the famous E. M. Forster’s novel—A Room with a View— set in the Edwardian era. That word is “Classroom”.

I hope it helped you snap out of your imagination. Classroom sounds right in the world of online teaching. Wouldn’t you agree?

However, what I do fancy is a classroom where someone is discussing “A Room with a View” or some other literary work with their learners. Speaking of view, your very own WizIQ Virtual Classroom offers you different views or video layouts when you are having a video chat with your learners.

In addition to the existing Horizontal, Vertical, and Full-screen views or video layouts that arrange your video (and video of attendees) in a certain format or layout, we have introduced two new video views or layouts viz. Tile view and Picture-in-Picture view.

Tile view allows you to have all the videos (yours and attendees’) in the tile format. All the videos are of equal size and appear as tiles. Imagine setting the wallpaper on your PC in the tile mode.

Switching to tile view is easy.  Once you are in the classroom, click the Video Options menu button Video Options menu button, and then click Maximize  to maximize your video (see Figure 1 below).  The maximized video window has video layout icons on the left.  Click the tile view icon Tile view icon to switch to tile view (see Figure 2 below). You can switch to any other view at any time by clicking other icons.

Live Video Window

 Figure 1: Live video 

Tile Video View

Figure 2: Tile view 

Moreover, you can now enjoy Picture-in-Picture view or layout which is ideal in a situation where two people (Presenter and attendee) are having a video chat.  In other words, it works best for one-on-one video chat. In this video layout, you (presenter) will see attendee’s video in full-screen mode with your video in the inset mode. On the contrary, your (presenter) video appears in full-screen mode to the attendee with attendee’s video in the inset mode (see Figure 3 below).

Picture-in-Picture View

Figure 3: Picture-in-Picture view

To switch to Picture-in-Picture view, you need to maximize your video as described above and then select Picture-in-Picture view or layout by clicking the relevant icon Picture-in-Picture Icon on the left side of the window (see Figure 3 above).  You can switch to other views after switching to Picture-in-Picture view by clicking the relevant icons.

With these two new video views available in the Virtual Classroom, you now have 5 video views in your classroom to choose from.  You can select a view based on your need and switch between the available views at any time during your class.

Let us know your experience of using new video views. It would be great to know your favorite video view and why you love it. Write to us at support@wiziq.com.  

Ajay Verma

Ajay is part of the Marketing Team at WizIQ. He likes to read and write poetry. He dabbles in photography every now and then. In addition, he has a passion for words and music.

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