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Show Me The Money: How Profit Shastra Brought Profit to its Tutoring Business

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What’s the next step when you have set up a successful tutoring business in your country?

Bring it online and go international!

That’s what Profit Shastra, a reputed financial coaching institute, did. But the question that comes up before every institute in tutoring business is- How? Which technology partner do we choose?

For Profit Shastra, this question was all the more important since its reputation was at stake. The institute’s offline courses were a big hit, triggering a heavy demand from students and professionals located in other cities. Enabling online sessions, as engaging and exhaustive as offline ones, was the only solution to reach a wider audience.

Moreover, since the institute offered coaching for advanced financial courses and prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam, the online training solution had to be powerful enough to allow use of real-world situations.

Exceeding their expectations, WizIQ allowed smooth integration of real-world financial tools like Barclay’s Live, BondHub, Bloomberg, etc. in its live virtual classroom. This enabled Profit Shastra to deliver top-notch training to their online students, deliver engaging live sessions, and quickly grow its online presence all over India and overseas.

A Peek Into Profit Shastra’s Engaging Live Online Sessions

Profit Shastra’s online sessions are as effective as their classroom sessions. Online students and tutors enjoy many state-of-the-art features of WizIQ Virtual Classroom, such as:

  • Live Text, Audio & Video Chat: Profit Shastra uses multiple channels of communication like text, audio and video chat to simulate the traditional classroom experience. Group discussions are initiated to encourage brainstorming while private chatting is used to address queries that a student feels shy asking in front of the class.
  • Advanced Whiteboard Tools: As mentioned above, Profit Shastra has integrated financial tools like Bloomberg, Capital IQ, etc. in the virtual class to give practical insights into finance and investment. The instructors can thus offer content-rich lessons on WizIQ Virtual Classroom alone, rather than having to move from one platform to another.
  • Built-in Content Library: The institute finds Content Library an ideal feature allowing them to access and display rich course content like presentations, videos, documents, etc. at a button’s click. All required courseware is uploaded here prior to class to avoid wasting time with streaming content.
  • Easy Class Setup: Tutors love the browser-based intuitive interface of WizIQ as they are able to quickly set up classes and invite students to join.
  • Live Class Recordings: The class recording feature has made Profit Shastra’s online sessions superior to offline ones. Students do not have to ask notes if they miss a session; they can watch the recording of the live class in its entirety, unlimited times.
Tasting Success Online: Bringing Profits to Profit Shastra

In a very short time, the Pune-based institute began enrolling students from all over India in its online distance education programs, including students from Indian cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, Calcutta, Belgaum, Hubli, Indore, and Nasik. Seeing the amazing response, Profit Shastra is planning to expand its presence across India through a franchising network centered on the technology offered by WizIQ.

By going online, Profit Shastra was also able to realize its overseas ambitions and enrol learners from countries around the world such as Hong Kong, Canada, USA, and Singapore. The company has become a global platform and is currently one of the few established players in the financial market; the financial services industry itself is estimated to be worth millions of dollars.

The institute has successfully placed its students as financial modeling analyst, equity research analyst, investment associates, etc. in reputed organizations and helped hundreds ace the CFA exam.

What Profit Shastra Says About WizIQ

“WizIQ has made it very simple for us to set up courses, schedule lectures, invite students, deliver live classes, and even record them for later viewing. As a result of WizIQ’s powerful technology, we have now built franchise expansion plans with WizIQ as the centerpiece of our growth.”       — Shashank Shringi, Founder, Profit Shastra

You can download and read the complete case study on Profit Shastra from here.

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