WizIQ has launched login with Facebook

Sign in to WizIQ Meet using Facebook

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Nobody likes to fill in long forms.

Facebook Login is a fast and convenient way for people to create accounts and log into your app. The most obvious benefit of using social logins is that it speeds up the registration process.

What is social login?

Social login also referred to as Social sign-in, helps users to sign-up on a third-party platform using their existing login information from social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., hence avoiding the need to create a new account. It is designed to simplify registration and eliminate the manual registration process so that it does not take too long for people to signup.

To provide the facility of easy and quick registration, WizIQ Meet has launched Sign In option with Facebook.

Follow the following steps to use this
      1. Go to WizIQ Meet Sign Up/ Sign In Page
    1. 2. Click on the option “Sign In with Facebook”
  1. Login with Facebook
    1. 3. Use your existing Facebook credentials.
    2. Use Facebook login
    3. 3. Grant access to the required permissions.
    4. Facebook login permission
    5. 4. You are ready to schedule your meeting to connect, collaborate and learn from anywhere

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