SLMOOC16: How to Teach in Virtual Online Worlds Using Second Life

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Teaching online is a lot of work. Though the sessions are short but what goes behind the scenes takes a great deal of time and effort.  You spend several weeks putting together the learning material and optimizing it for consumption in virtual online worlds.

The story doesn’t end here. You also sink a lot of time planning a session and analyze it once you’ve delivered it. On the top of it, there are few questions that won’t go away no matter what you do. Is it possible to:

  1. Provide learners with real experiences in virtual online worlds?
  2. Amplify the course content?
  3. Foster collaboration?

There are multiple online games and 3D web technologies that help create real-world learning environment even in the virtual world. Gamification and illustrations in 3D open up infinite possibilities for educators and learners.

SLMOOC16: Educators for Educators: Ideas-Exchange to Make Learning in Virtual World Real

SLMOOC16 is a global MOOC by educators for educators where experts in online teaching discuss the best practices to drive engagement and foster collaboration in virtual live sessions. Organized and coordinated by Dr. Nellie Deutsch, Dr. Nancy Zingrone and Dr. Doris Molero, the event will shed light on how to use virtual worlds like Second Life, multi-user 3D applications like OpenSim and online games like Minecraft to create real-world experiences for learners in virtual classrooms.

Who Should Attend

SLMOOC16 is a not-to-be missed event for

  • Individual instructors
  • Leaders in schools, colleges and tuition businesses
  • Professionals in corporate learning and development
Major Takeaways

A month-long MOOC will begin from April 1, 2016 on WizIQ LMS Software, Moodle and Second Life. The takeaways for participants will include the understanding of how to:

  • Gamify the learning process
  • Create new models for collaborative learning
  • Teach in Second Life and use it to create real-world learning experiences in virtual scenario
  • Use web technologies to enhance existing curriculum

The SLMOOC is in its third year and has been the highlight for educators from across the world. Click here for the detailed schedule.


You will get ongoing support from the organizers of the MOOC for the weekly topics and from Also, you will be able to ask questions in advance and throughout the course in Moodle for Teachers (M4T) SLMOOC16 and on WizIQ MOOC areas.

The live online classes will be recorded for future reference, so don’t worry if you cannot attend or if you’d like to review the content.


Weekly Digital Badges: You will qualify for weekly badges once you complete the tasks of the week.

Certificate of Completion: If you reflect on 4 weekly webinars, receive 4 badges, and fill in the feedback form at the end of the MOOC, you will be eligible for a certificate of completion. The due date for the reflective practice is May 1, 2016.


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