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The science of phonetics dictates how particular sounds are produced. The rolling of the tongue, widening of the mouth and the contraction of the muscles, all these weird exercises determine whether you have an American accent, an Indian accent or some other accent. Speaking English may have gone universal, but the way one speaks English still remains specific to different areas on the globe.

#DidYouKnow: Accent trainers are some of the most sought after people in Hollywood? I suppose that would be a very nice position to be in. But to get there, there is a lot of training one has to go through.

Claudette Roche, a Hollywood Dialect coach talks about the most surprising things she has learned as a dialect coach: “I think it’s how important the American accent is for people. A lot of people don’t get jobs because they have foreign accents. They don’t get jobs because people have a bias against them about their accent. ” (Source: South California Public Radio)

There are so many people on YouTube teaching the American English accent. Some are good, but most only show you the stereotypical imitations of popular American sitcoms like Friends or more recently, How I Met Your Mother. Even Americans who are native speakers can only tell you but a thing or two about speaking like an American.

In my opinion, in order to really learn how to speak like an American- or any other National for that matter-one must understand the basics of sound production as well as the science behind pronunciation.

This is where Rachel’s English comes in.

rachel's english

“Rachel is the founder of the popular Rachel’s English and is a star YouTube teacher. She has more than 5 years of teaching and pronunciation experience through Rachel’s English, and before that taught ESL in Boston and the Dominican Republic. Rachel’s initial idea in developing Rachel’s English was to make the kind of resource for self-study that she wished she could find for her own foreign language study.

In 2013, Rachel was named a YouTube Next How-To Guru, an award given by YouTube for her exceptional teaching videos. She has a great passion for classical music and the performing arts in general.”

Rachel’s English channel on YouTube gets thousands of hits every day, but this is not the only testimony to her popularity. It is the way Rachel teaches which makes her an instant hit among students learning to speak like an American.

Rachel delves deeply into the technicalities of pronunciation and sound production. With the help of diagrams and easy tutorials, she explains how every vowel, consonant and diphthong should come out of the mouth. Exempli gratia, here is a chart of her images showing the position of the mouth when pronouncing some vowels:


These diagrams clearly specify how different parts of the mouth move when a particular sound is uttered. This concept when used in teaching spoken English to non-native speakers not only clears a lot of doubts but also give them hands-on (or mouths-on?) experience with speaking like a native. For more of these charts and related videos, please visit Rachel’s website.

Most speech/dialect/accent coaches would agree that practice precedes perfection when learning to earn wings in a particular kind of accent. And Rachel stresses the practice part the most. With her persuasive videos and repetitive prompts, she makes sure the learners practice, practice, and practice extensively.

Rachel’s New Course on WizIQ

Rachel is all set to start her all new course via the WizIQ Virtual Classroom platform. In this course learners will learn how all the vowel and diphthong sounds are made, compare similar sounds, and learn about mistakes common to people from different language groups. They will also learn some key related topics in English pronunciation, including syllable length and placement. The live classes each involve a lecture by Rachel and a Question and Answer session.

Anyone looking to improve their spoken American English should take this course. Teachers who are native speakers are also welcome to join to learn in-depth about vowel sounds and observe Rachel’s teaching technique.

For more information on Rachel’s new course, visit the course page. Course starts March 10!


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2 thoughts on “Speak like an American with Rachel’s English

  1. Hi,

    I do love Rachel’s videos, website, and her premium content on flap T.
    I often write about her in my blog on learning English. I hope that I can participate in her next course – this March is extremely busy for me.
    I consider her course excellent, and a good investment for the future.

    Bye – bye,


    1. Hi Atilla,

      Thanks for your wonderful comment.

      Rachel’s courses are indeed amazing. But you know what is the best part about this course? Since it is being offered via the WizIQ platform, you can always view the class recordings even if you can’t attend the LIVE classes. This way, you can keep track of all the course content even when you are super busy.

      Do share your blog details with us. We would love to read what you write.
      Have a great day!


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