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Sri Lanka Races Towards eLearning: Global Tutor Leads With WizIQ Technology

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The beautiful island country of Sri Lanka is on the verge of adopting eLearning technologies in a big way.

Their strength lies in the fact that theirs is a highly literate country with adult literacy rate standing at 91.2 per cent. Their weak point however is a low ICT penetration. The internet usage per 100 inhabitants here is 12 (UNDP, 2013).

This is about to change. Nah, the change is already underway. The Government of Sri Lanka is running ICT awareness programmes, a few being The Distance Education Modernization Project (DEMP) and Secondary Education Modernization Project (SEMP), to develop online distance education programmes.

Adding fuel to this growth is the emergence of online tutoring platforms that offer quality education no less than any offline school. One such tutoring platform is Global Tutor that is striving to become synonymous with online learning in this island country.

They provide live, online classes to students across the globe 24/7 via a lively and interactive virtual platform: the WizIQ Virtual Classroom. WizIQ helped the tutoring company offer an innovative, affordable and unique virtual classroom environment for online teaching. Students are all praise for their interactive online classes and find online learning more enriching and rewarding than traditional schooling.

Learn how Global Tutor became students’ favorite by integrating powerful, live eLearning via the WizIQ Virtual Classroom.

Global Tutor: Spearheading eLearning in Asia

eLearning was at a nascent stage in Sri Lanka and many parents had doubts about the efficacy of it. Global Tutor wanted to change the way parents and students perceive online learning by using the latest and most effective pedagogical concepts, technology and instructional designs to add more value to students’ learning.

As students started to join their courses and tried their hands on virtual classroom, they were thrilled by the experience. The helpful attitude of the expert tutors and the interactive environment stimulated their learning and the buzz soon reached far and wide leading to higher student enrolments. Pretty soon, Global Tutor was meeting the demands of an international audience, not just Sri Lankan students.

Integrating Self-Paced & Live Online Learning

Global Tutor strongly believes that technology is a powerful force in expanding educational horizons and equipping students to meet the demands of international workplace. The company has a diverse team of subject matter experts trained in following a globally consistent curriculum.

The tutoring platform offers comprehensive academic exposure in all subjects, including Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, on regular or on-demand basis. Students have an online account on their LMS where he/she is able to monitor lessons, complete assignments, take user-friendly quizzes, etc.

Right at the outset, Global Tutor realized that self-paced courses weren’t enough to ensure student success. Learners needed a stimulating environment where they could interact with teacher face-to-face, clear all their doubts, and at the same time, become familiar with the latest learning technologies that traditional schooling lacked in. Integrating live video classes on their LMS was thus a must for Global Tutor. They began looking for an online technological solution that met these 3 requirements in particular:

  • Enabled face-to-face interaction between teacher and students
  • Enabled rich course content like presentations and videos in live class
  • Easy to use to enable quick adoption

Choosing WizIQ Virtual Classroom and Creating a Dynamic Learning Experience

Global Tutors came across WizIQ Virtual Classroom solution and found it not only met those 3 parameters but offered a host of other powerful features. In addition, the platform was very simple to use and intuitive, requiring no significant training for adoption.

Importantly, WizIQ offered the Co-branding and White Label feature that allowed online tutoring companies like Global Tutor to easily integrate the classroom on their website without worrying about branding.

Here are the features of WizIQ Virtual Classroom that Global Tutor used the most:

  • Face-to-Face Interaction with Students in Real-time: Global Tutors used all the channels of interaction in the WizIQ Virtual Classroom to engage students effectively and make online learning a real fun. Teacher interacted with students in real time via the chat box, and even use audio and video chat to bring in a more personal touch. Students saw a live stream of the teacher’s instruction, an experience similar to traditional classrooms. Students raise their hands to ask questions in the online class, a feature that helps to maintain discipline in the online class.
  • Play Media-Rich Content in Class: Global Tutor wanted to deliver a far richer learning experience as compared to the one students got in their schools. Tutors thus brought together diverse media formats like documents, presentations, audio, and video files to make the lesson as engaging as possible. Global Tutor instructors played all these by opening their Content Library in the WizIQ Virtual Classroom and instantly play any file they wanted.
  • Whiteboard to explain complex concepts: Global Tutor instructors used the whiteboard to write notes, perform mathematical calculations, draw shapes, etc. and allowed students to do the same. Teachers opened multiple whiteboard to switch effortlessly between multiple presentations, documents, etc.
  • Upload Content or Use Screen Sharing feature: Global Tutor teachers used the upload functionality if they needed to show a document that was unavailable in the Content Library. Teachers also had an option to use the screen sharing feature in the WizIQ classroom to show any content on the teacher’s system.
  • Recorded Sessions: This feature proved to be a boon for everyone since it gave a ready made reference for future to both students as well as teachers. Students could replay sessions to revise or to catch up if the session was missed. Teachers could also see how their class went and improvise to deliver a better session next time.

With all these features and the cutting-edge technology powered by WizIQ Virtual Classroom, Global Tutor was able to realize its mission of delivering global standards education to each student.

What Global Tutor Say About WizIQ

Global Tutor believe that WizIQ is an integral part of their growth framework. Their founder says:

WizIQ is the technology pillar of my organization.

– Fawaz, Founder, Global Tutor

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