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Strategies To Make A Positive First Impression Virtually

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If there’s a lesson that 2020 has given us, it’s how vital efficient communication can be to the well-being and longevity of a company. Every successful business presentation begins with a great message.

In the past, several companies tried digital and online communication via text messages and emails. Face-to-face communication was available if we needed it.

That’s how virtual meeting tools such as WizIQ Meet took off. Make sure you follow these steps to create the right impression on your current and prospective customers.

  1.     Body Language

Humans are prone to look more closely at what’s not being said than what’s said. So body language plays a crucial part in creating a positive first impression.

The way we speak can reveal something about a person by revealing messages about them which we then determine. If you are in a virtual gathering make sure you show confidence by sitting upright and speaking clearly and loudly.

  1. Create Content That Encourages Optimism

It’s widely believed that fewer details will lead to more success when you’re presenting an item for the very first time. The cognitive state of mind is what led to the best impression on the first (and last) impression.

Viewers who were able to view the slides were more attentive and did not feel any fatigue since the complexity was controlled by a gradual display of information to prevent overwhelming the viewers.

  1. Choose A Suitable Background.

When you’re having a meeting with a client or coworker in a conference room or at a cafe and a cup of coffee, you pay no attention to what’s happening in the room to the left.

However, if you’re meeting one of your contacts at WizIQ Meet, this is an essential aspect you should not forget when you’re trying to create a great impression on them.

  1. Take Your Time When Deciding On Your Speech.

When comparing face-to-face, online phones, and hybrid presentations, the results show that the use of modality is an effective method to alter first-time perceptions. For instance, virtual participants are more relaxed and more attentive compared to people who were in other modes.

Hybrid presenters were observed as being stressed or upset, and withdrawing from the session. For the greatest impact, research suggests that presenters and participants presenters have the same style and, if it is feasible, choose the virtual method for the first meeting.

Finalise The Process With An Action Strategy

You’ve created a fantastic first impression. What’s the best way to close a business meeting?

To leave those who attended your event with a lasting positive impression, end every meeting with a plan of action to take the next step.

Sometimes, it’s as easy as sending a follow-up email that recaps the meeting and outlines the questions that were raised during the meeting. In other instances, it could be a more specific plan of the tasks that need to be completed.


You’ll always make a great impression, whether on camera or in person if you seem engaged and interested during the meeting. 

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