Professional Development Workshops this Summer at WizIQ

Teaching Online Using WizIQ

Professional Development Workshops
The summer is a perfect time for teachers to learn and connect with other educators from around the world. However, teachers may find the travel and expense of taking professional development programs unappealing. It makes little sense to turn a holiday into work. However, with the Internet, I no longer need to travel and spend much money on professional development programs. I take and give courses online at WizIQ. WizIQ live classes are a great way to teach and learn. Teaching is the perfect way to learn. I teach so I can learn and I teach my students how to teach so they can learn more effectively.

Courses for the Summer
Here’s a list of some of the courses you will be able to take at WizIQ in the summer of 2012:

  1. Learn how to teach using WizIQ
  2. Active Learning
  3. Teaching Online: Facilitating Online Learning
  4. Moodlemoot 2012 (MMVC12)
  5. Academic Writing for Active Lifelong Learners
  6. Connecting Emotions, Learning, Technology (CELT)
  7. Mobile Learning

1. Learn how to teach using WizIQ (July 15 – August 15)

No matter what subject you teach, WizIQ can improve the quality of your teaching and student learning performance.  The object of the course is to teach teachers how to use WizIQ virtual class for blended and fully online programs.  Join the course and learn practice teaching online through a live online class such as WizIQ.

2. Active Learning (July 15 – ongoing )

So, what is active learning? Enroll in the course on active learning starting July 15, 2012. The course is great follow up of Dr. Curt Bonk’s current Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Instructional Ideas and Technology Tools for Online Success. Content is very important especially if it includes technology, but what do you do with the content? How do you retain and use the information? How do you become an active learner?

3. Teaching Online: Facilitating Online Learning  (TOFOL) (June 3-23)

Participants will identify and describe online learning, facilitating online learning, and enabling attitudes to learning, set goals & learning outcomes, and create student activities on blogs, wikis, Moodle, Blackboard, Edmodo, Canvas, Ning, and Mahara. The activities or artifacts that the participants create will include text, audio, video and images. Teachers enrolled in the course will engage in creating artifacts so that they experience what they would like students to do using technology.

Course Outline

1. Webinars (see course layout/syllabus)
2. Discussions (enroll for the discussions on IT4ALL Moodle )
3. Course Tasks, Activities and Artifacts (Create or use personal learning environments such as blogs, wikis, e-portfolios, Mahara and Connecting Online Ning)

Certificates of Completion

Certificates of Completion will be available for those who participate in the discussions and complete the tasks on IT4ALL Moodle course (with tracking device) and complete the tasks for the course.

Video Recording of the First Live Webinar for TOFOL

4. Free Online Conference

MoodleMoot 2012 (MMVC12) live online conference is a free annual event. The conference will take place from August 17-19, 2012 online via WizIQ Virtual Classroom and Integrating Technology Moodlemoot website . The presentations will be conducted in both English and Spanish. The objective of the free online Moodlemoot conference is connect for learning. Participants will learn about Moodle and technology enhanced learning.

Recordings of the MMVC12 Event
You are invited to join the presentationsbefore the sessions to ensure that you get the video recordings. After the event (August 20, 2012), you may view the lecture sessions and recordings by joining the MMVC12 course on WizIQ and learn at your own pace.5. Academic Writing for Active Lifelong Learners
Learn how to write academic papers for journals, courses, and for self-publishing. Join the course this summer and continue throughout the year. Participants will learn about and practice academic writing using APA style for citing and references. The course will begin on July 15, 2012 and last for a year or from the date the participant joined.Outline of the Course

  • Webinars on WizIQ with recordings
  • Videos
  • One-on-one feedback on the student’s writing assignments from the facilitator
  • Course content (PowerPoint/PDF files) available for download
  • Discussions, content, and submission of assignments on a course management system called Moodle. You are invited to enroll in the Moodle course once you receive the key to enrollment from the facilitator.

Course Highlights

  • Layout of Academic Writing Articles
  • Academic vs. Personal Writing Styles
  • Reading & Summarizing Academic Articles
  • Citing APA Style
  • Referencing APA Style

6. Connecting Emotions, Learning, Technology (CELT)
The objectives of CELT is to see you succeed in every aspect of your life. In the course, you will learn about your emotions and how you can improve your life by connecting to these emotions. The course will help you view emotions in a new light. You will learn about the tools available and how technology can help. CELT will help you tap into your emotions so you can improve the quality of your life. Many people are held back, make wrong decisions, and ruin relationships because they don’t understand their emotions. The course will be ongoing for a year from the date the participant enrolled. For further information, read the following blog post to learn more about CELT

Video Recording of the First Live Class Introducing CELT

Mobile Learning (M-Learning)

Drs. Nellie Deutsch & Mark Winegar will be co-teaching a free 5-week online course (July 15-August 20, 2012) on Mobile Learning. The course will help teachers learn how to engage students 24/7/365 days a year with what they love best – their cell phones, i-Pads, and other mobile devices. Contrary to what many teachers and school administrators believe, mobile devices can be used to enhance learning in and out of the classroom. Why ban a tool that can be used to keep students focused on active learning? Join the course and find out about using mobile devices in and out of the classroom.

Dr. Nellie Deutsch

Dr. Nellie Deutsch is an education technology and curriculum consultant, faculty at Atlantic University in the MA transpersonal and leadership studies, teacher trainer, researcher, and writer. She organizes Moodle MOOCs and online conferences. She earned her doctorate in education and educational leadership with a specialization in curriculum and instruction from the University of Phoenix Her dissertation research (available on ProQuest & Amazon) focused on instructor experiences with integrating technology in blended learning contexts in higher education around the world. Nellie offers free teacher training courses on teaching with technology, action research and Moodle for teacher courses to new, veteran, and future teachers who wish to teach online, face-to-face or in blended learning formats. She also provides online courses to teachers and ICT people on how to be administrators of Moodle websites. She integrates Moodle and WizIQ live virtual classes in all her courses.

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